Coastal Home Decor Ideas - Beach Theme

Hi Friends!

As you can tell, I am still thinking about warmer weather home decor!

If you have any beach trips planned this summer - PIN this post :-)  I collected a bunch of driftwood/beach themed ideas for your home (or your beach home!) 

How about the next time you head to the beach, collect some driftwood for a basket (as long as it's OK to do that on the beach you are at!) Wire baskets have so much character and you can usually find them on eBay, other fun home decor stores and antique shops.

This fish makes such a BOLD statement - what a fun idea to build a fish out of driftwood!  I completely agree with the art verbiage. "The Beach, where doing absolutely nothing, IS doing something"  I think I'm ready to go to Aruba. :-)

This That and Life

I know this isn't driftwood but what a clever idea for the guest room in a beach house!  Old oars used as a headboard - I love it!

This is such a simple idea, but it beats putting up an old metal rod!  Hang a piece of driftwood to add some character to your laundry room (or that could just be in a babies extra hanging space?)

Do any of you guys collect sea glass?  I enjoy looking for sea glass when I go to the ocean. If you aren't familiar with what that is,  they are glass shards found on the shoreline given up by the sea after years of being tumbled naturally by currents, waves and other elements in the ocean water such as salt, sand, shells, rocks and miscellaneous beach debris.  Some people call sea glass, mermaid tears......a rather fun and fitting if you as me. :-)  

I could see this sea glass sign in any beach home!

Live Coastal Etsy

If you have always wondered what to do with your collection (or your kids collection!) of seashells how about trying this! Buy some wooden letters at any craft store and hot glue your ocean treasures onto the wood.

Live Coastal Etsy

Lastly, I recently added some fun beach "debris" to my son's Explorer theme room.   The map on canvas is one of my most popular posts.  You can click the link to see my step by step tutorial how to make your own map on canvas.

To be honest, I'm not even sure WHAT these round airy wooden things are, but I liked them. :-)

Like always, I hope to get your own Creative Juices flowing so the next time you are at the beach, you can load up your car with drift wood and have your significant other think you've officially lost it!  I blame it on the artist in all of us.   :-) 

Till next week  :-)

Getting Ready for Spring Outdoor Inspirations

We finally had a warm week over here in Idaho!  The thought that spring might actually be here has me very excited - I am READY for the sun to come out and warm me up!

With all the sunshine, I decided to write a post on beautiful outdoor decor to  get us in the mood for this coming season.

What do you think about this gorgeous hanging table!  Isn't that beautiful!

{Images via GWS by Jess Graham}
{Images via GWS by Jess Graham}

And just to be fun, what's better than a hanging table?  How about a hanging bed :-)

Or how about spending some time outdoors relaxing in a white shabby chic hammock.

Both of the pictures below have lovely climbing roses.  I still need to figure out what I should grow on my own pergola! 

SIMPLY gorgeous - huh :-)

I love how paper lanterns can add a magical touch to any outdoor space! The landscape below is so inviting and relaxing. 

Even if your home doesn't have a big outdoor area you can turn it into a cozy little courtyard full of character.  This couple placed large flagstone on the ground and let Mazus fill in around it. 


Here is another small backyard......Such a charming area.

Do you have any new landscape/garden ideas for this year?  Our biggest outdoor plan is putting in a sports court - pickleball and basketball.  I would add a picture but there isn't anything pretty about it! Once we plant all the trees around it maybe it will reach the pages of this blog, We'll see! :-)

Enjoy the inspiration my friends!!
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