Easy FUN FALL Kids Craft! Crayon Stained Glass Pumpkins

Happy FALL my friends!

I recently received the craft book that I was featured in.

The picture is a bit glared out but it says, "Selina Hoit Crayon Stained Glass" :-)
(I even got paid - I feel special LOL)

I LOVE doing this craft with the kids (I've even done it with their entire school class before) so I thought it would be a perfect craft to share it on the blog :-)

This project does require adult supervision BUT is there really any craft that you aren't at least AROUND for? ha!

You can always do this project on top of an old towel to take extra precaution with your surfaces.  Then lay a sheet of wax paper on top of your working area.

FIRST have fun shaving crayons.  You can use a pencil sharpener, a peeler or even a plastic knife just to collect the shavings.  Lighter colors work best on this project.

As you can see, this is in the GENERAL shape of a pumpkin :-)

Next, lay another piece of wax paper on TOP of the shavings.  With an iron on the lowest setting possible, dab it across the top of the wax paper.  You will see the crayons begin to melt.

Make sure and hit the edges of the design with the iron too as that will "glue" the two pieces of wax paper together.  Below is the final melted and "glued" wax paper lifted up. 

Next just cut out on the wax paper your pumpkin (or fall leaf) design! You can google "black and white line drawing" of any fall print you would like.  (ie pumpkin or leaf etc) Just slide that drawing under your wax paper and use a sharpie to outline it and then simply cut it out and put it up in your window!

These girls had so much fun.

It's a perfect kid craft if you ask me!  ;-)

For anyone who is interested in buying the book it's called:

Hope you give this fun fall craft a try!  It's super easy and kids love it.  

You can also do four leaf clovers for St Patrick's Day, hearts for Valentine's Day or holly leaves, christmas trees and snowflakes for Christmas!

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What Will Make Your Kitchen Stand Out Above the Rest!

We have all heard that first impressions count.  Well, when it comes to home decor, I'm a believer :-)

Along with your entry, the kitchen makes such a statement in your home.  One item that we usually don't think much about is the kitchen sink but WOW, there are some really great sinks out there that can give your kitchen that amazing first impression SHAZAM you are looking for. :-)

One of my favorite kitchen sinks is the single bowl farmhouse style.  (And if it happens to be in hammered copper I'm drooling) ;-)

hammered kitchen sink farmhouse style

SOOOOOO pretty!

hammered copper kitchen sink

Not only does the kitchen sink stand out, the chevron wood floor and the unique tile backsplash adds a lot of pizazz.

white kitchen with copper sink

And if your kitchen has more the stainless silver feel to it, how about this hammered NICKEL!

hammered nickel farmhouse sink

I think up next (in order of my wish list) would be a stone sink :-)

Pretty stuff - huh :-)

grey stone kitchen sink with apron

I'm not sure if this next sink is stone (maybe solid onyx?) but it looks stunning with the wood countertops. 

onyx sink with wooden counter tops

This deep kitchen sink makes a fun first impression - I love the lines it creates by coming out just a bit from the counters.

unique black farmhouse sink with white cabinets

Which kitchen sink was your favorite?

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The Best of UNIQUE Kitchen Eating Spaces.

Hey Friends!

I find it very interesting how as the years progress, the kitchen has become more and more the CENTER OF THE HOME!  Just think about the 1930's, kitchens were placed at the opposite end of the house as the dining area.  Even as recently as the 1970's early 80's the kitchen design was still kept in its separate walled off location with possibly only a pass through window.

Today, kitchens are completely open and are located in the heart of the home.  It really is the most lived in space nowadays.  I wonder if it will ever go back to the closed off designs......I'm guessing it won't :-)

I've never seen a kitchen like the one below but I am REALLY liking it!  It seems like a fantastic use of space.  I am also loving the soft muted blue against the dark wood and then the white cabinets behind.

What do YOU think?!

Once again we see a very MUTED color against a white cabinet set up.  I REALLY like how much character that piece brings into the kitchen.  I suppose I love anything that looks a bit weathered and old and resembles a barn :-)  My grandparents had a farm so I had many fun years playing in the haystacks!


I've always enjoyed this space saving kitchen eating design.  It seems quite practical.

I'm not quite sure what to think of this next kitchen.  I find it very unique though and it takes the "lounging around in the kitchen" to a new dimension :-)

I have to giggle a bit that they incorporated a LADDER into their kitchen design.  Why wouldn't they enjoy jumping up on their counter like I do to reach those high cupboards? hee,hee.  

What do you think of this combined island/breakfast table?  Pretty smart - huh.  Oh and hey, they used that muted green/blue color again! (Guess it's the trend right now) :-)

Have a GREAT weekend my friends!  

I hope I've inspired some new kitchen ideas and designs!

Let me know what you think :-)

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