Fun Tile Trends - Tile That Looks Like Wood!

Alright my friends :-)

 Would you believe me if I told you the picture below was TILE and not hardwood?

Isn't it beautiful!!!  Yes, it's TILE.  Tile "wood" floors have been gaining a lot of momentum in the design world.  Just yesterday, my friend was telling me about his favorite house in the Parade of Homes (home showcase) and the home with the "wood tile" floor was his favorite.  As much as I ADORE my hardwood floor I have to tell you, there are a few things I have run into that make me wonder if I should have chosen something else.

ABL Tile 

So for those of you contemplating this newer design trend I thought it would be fun to discuss some of the pros of choosing "wooden" TILE over hardwood.

ABL Tile
With timber tiles you would not have to worry about:

Nicks and scratches

Bugs can't eat tile :-)

Water won't ruin it 
(tile doesn't expand or crack in wet environments)

Although I picked a VERY distressed wood product, I have a ton of obvious scratches - it doesn't help that we have a dog with long nails either.

I also have had so many WATER issues - one time our refrigerator kept leaking water and it sat overnight and nearly ruined our wood floors - the repair man was sure to tell me that he would NEVER put wood in his kitchen.  (Thanks Mr. Repair Man) :-)

This would be my Repair Man's dream kitchen - this is an all TILE "wood" floor :-)

For those of you worried about how COLD tile can be - don't worry, just install radiant heating!  It's not all that much extra when you are doing new home construction.

Look at these faux AGED tiles! These are simply ceramic tiles made to look like aged weathered wood.  You wont have to worry about any old lead paint on these boards :-)

What do you guys think of having the tile continuing up the wall?

Yep, these are still tiles!  Taking it outdoors would be interesting :-)

Really, my goal with this post is just to introduce you guys to another product that you could choose as flooring.  If you have pets, kids, live in high humidity (or NO humidity!) and thought that you could never have that nice hardwood look - YEA! Think again!

Have you guys seen "timber tiles" before?  After reading this would you consider putting them in your home instead of real hardwood?  I'd love to know some of your thoughts!
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Before and After Kitchen Remodel - Tips on Making a Small Kitchen Appear Larger


One of my friends just finished an amazing kitchen remodel.  I know all of you guys enjoy seeing before and after pictures so I sent a text saying, "Send me your before and after pics" and immediate I got a response "You mean I'll have to clean my kitchen?"  hee, type of friend!  

So here is what my pickleball friend had to deal with when she moved into her new home.  What's wrong? Haven't you always dreamed of having a pink and baby blue kitchen?  HA!

before yucky pink blue kitchen remodel

Her husband is one of those men that can do ANYTHING - The Mr. Fix It Man 
Extreme.  I'd LOVE to go into flipping homes with him.  I would tell him my vision and he would whip it out (ya, if only life was that simple!)

And a few months later - this beautiful kitchen evolved :-)  Her husband did ALL of it :-)

Is that a flashlight and a bag of chips on the counter?? hee,hee.....I guess she's a real person - LOL!

Aren't you impressed!?  I just LOVE looking at photos of complete disasters and then the gorgeous outcome.  

I thought this before and after kitchen remodel by Mike Taylor Kitchens was "post worthy" too!  I love how they made the space feel larger with the all light colors and the mirrored pantry door - just little tricks of the trade :-)

Talking about tricks of the trade - let me give you 4 simple optical illusion tricks to make your small kitchen appear larger :-)

  • Banish those bags of chips and flashlights - hahahahah!! (she'll never share another picture with me!)   No seriously, in a small space the less clutter you have on  your counters the larger the space will appear.  Try to put your tea kettle away instead of on the stove and skip the fun accessories like wicker baskets or iron fruit bowls that seem to fit well in the big kitchen spaces.

  • Skip using small tiles on your floor.  You might think that's the right move in a small kitchen but the opposite is true.  Small tiles just makes the space appear busier than normal.  If you use larger tiles it gives you more of a continuous visual line.  It creates an illusion of MORE floor area. Another trick would be to lay the tiles or wood in a diagonal pattern to create the illusion of extra width.

  • In general, going LIGHTER instead of DARKER in your color scheme will help make the space feel larger. Try making the "big ticket items" like cabinets, walls and flooring light in color.

  • Use recessed lighting instead of hanging pendant lighting.  Pendant lighting although pretty, will cut into your visual space making it appear more cluttered and in return, smaller.  You can also use under cabinet lighting to bring uncluttered brightness into your space and create a larger feel.

There you have it my friends!  If you have a fun before and after picture I'd love to see it :-)  Maybe I'll use it for my next post!


Please see my full disclosure policy regarding this sponsored post

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