Awesome Thrift Store Finds!

So this last trip was quite a sucess.  This faux plant was lots of fun.  It was very heavy and even though faux plants aren't my favorite you can't beat it when it looks so real (and it can't die)!
This fancy old world potted plant  was.......$2.50. 
The candle holder next to it was .50
(I'm probably not going to keep it in that spot but it was fun for the picture.)

Next I picked up this reallynice red flower print.  Nice heavy construction and it happend to go with the apple plate and holder that is in my laundry room!

Red Flower Picture: $3.00
Plate with Holder $1.25
(I did spray paint the holder, it was originally shiny gold!)

This last "score" was a cute fruit bowl or decorative bowl.  I could see those brown twine balls thrown in their too.  This piece still had it's 15.00 price tag on the bottom.  I was thinking I could even put in coffee and muffins and package it as a gift for a teacher.  As you will see for the price I got it for I couldn't even buy a simple brown basket from a regular store.

Ready for the big reveal! (I just really get excited, sorry!)  Price tag: $1.00

Thanks for looking in!


  1. Your ideas are inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh you did good! Where did you go?

  3. My favorite, St. Vincent DePaul. Wednesdays are 50% off entire store.


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