Treasure Tuesday - The Power of Spray Paint!

I have recently realized that EVERYTHING has potential.  A bright green vase for instance, a shiny gold plate holder, a peach lamp or maybe even an odd box.  It's this blogging that did me in.  I just can't pass up an opportunity to turn something ugly into beauty!

I'll show you how I easily got from this:

To that!

It's called the Power of Spray Paint........

One of my favorite colors is at Lowes called Oil Rubbed Bronze by Rustolum.  I just sprayed it on.  Simple as that.  I bought the "grass" from Walmart for 3.00.  Total cost for project was $5.00

Heavy green vase: $2.00
Grass: $3.00
Spray paint: had on hand

How about this tacky gold plate holder. 
Not bad covered in the Oil Rubbed Bronze.......

Total cost plate holder:  .50 cents
Spray paint had on hand

What about lamps!  The thrift stores are FULL of gorgeous lamps....that is if you can picture espresso brown instead of pale peach!
OK I haven't painted these yet but they were only $4.00 a piece and with a simple quick coat of spray paint these will look AMAZING!

Here was a $4.00 lamp that hardly needed anything.  Just a simple updated coat of aged copper on the base.
I spray painted the bottom and bought a lamp shade for $1.00.  Perfect in our master bedroom.

Total cost:  $5.00

I have put my foot down on buying any more lamps though. I mean unless my friends would like them as gifts I have no where else to put them!!!

Check out what A Few Good Pieces did with cheap OAK (blahh) thrift store mirrors! 


Ain't this a beauty!  Don't worry....I have an entire plan for this box.  Can you see it painted?  What about with the lid being in chalkboard paint with whatever is inside written on it.  Maybe it will be a box to put all our chargers in?  Hide those ugly cords!  Stay tuned and come back later to see the "big" reveal. 

Have you had any amazing spray paint turn around?  Please link to your blog with some ideas.


  1. Great projects. Looks like you had some great finds. Who doesn't love spray paint?

  2. This is fabulous. You have some awesome projects here. I am having a spray paint party in a couple of weeks. Come check it out.

  3. Yes, spray paint is the DIYer's best friend, great projects!

  4. Thanks for inspiring me to pull out my spray paint! Your vase and lamp look great! *Becca*

  5. What are you doing with all the mirrors?
    love it!
    love spray paint too!

  6. I love what you did with the green vase. I love how the green peeks out a little too. I'm going to my local thrift store then hunt down some of that spray paint and get my craft on! I'm in desperate need of cheap decor items for my bookcases. :)

  7. Brilliant! Everything looks great. I have been on a spray paint kick this week too. I guess that explains my bright blue nose hairs. I guess I better remember to wear a mask next time. :)

  8. I am a believer in the power of spray paint as well! I just got my first can of oil-rubbed bronze and after seeing your projects, I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can use it. Your mirror looks so airy and light painted white. Great stuff!

  9. Love that color. I have to get me some of that for sure. I have a perfect glass piece to paint too. Thanks and you did a great job.

  10. Love all of your spray paint projects! I think paint projects are my favorite because they are so quick and easy.... The most "wow" transformation was definitely the green vase, the final product looks awesome!

  11. Glad I saw this. Earlier tonight I was looking at a pair of lamps I have that are a brushed brass, slightly our of date, huh? Well, the shape, however, is a timeless ginger jar/urn that will work anywhere. I was wondering if I wanted to paint them. I thought about using a bronze or maybe the mirror paint to fake "mercury glass". All I need are new shades. Actually the shades are accordion pleated and in great shape so I might just paint those too.
    Thanks for all the great ideas.

  12. Your painted project was awesome. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Incredible spray painting skills. Who doesn't like a great cheapy DIY project involving paint :)


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