French Distressed Side Table using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in BLUE

After the last piece I did with my winning chalk paint (my vintage desk re-do)  I just had to do another one. 

This cute little beauty was a Christmas gift from my mom - actually, I saw it in her house and was like, “Mom, can I have that!!!????”  (It’s so fun being a daughter…..where else can you spot something you like and ASK for it!! ha!) 

blue table 014

And the AFTER shots!

blog small table

blog blue side table

blue table 030

blue table 040

For this piece I did a really LIGHT second coat (even watered the chalk paint down a little)  It made it a lot easier to distress.

SOOO, wondering where and what this piece will be used for???  It is going to be my daughter’s hamster table!  I know, doesn’t sound classy but it fit the cage PERFECTLY!  Once I get her desk and this piece all set up in her room I’ll snap a shot for you guys.

Updated shot!

Linking up to YHL Book Party - Painting your furniture is tip #214.

STAY TUNED! ~CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. I just found your blog and have fell in love! I know you posted the color as blue chalk paint but the picture shows a linen color. If I want to paint something exactly like you did, do I need two colors?

  2. Reply@ Whites: Hi! So glad you found my blog! I did a first coat of linen and the second coat was very simular to the Paris Blue. You could acheive an almost identical look just with the blue. I would think the most important part would be having the med/dark wood underneath....hope that helps!

  3. Thank for clarifying :) I have been in my new house shy of 3 years and have just barely started to put things on the wall - but with the inspiration from your blog, I'll know my house will be put together in no time!!! Thank you!

  4. That is the most fantastic little table I've ever seen! Even before the distressed finish! Way to go! :)


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