10th Birthday Party- Fun and Games

My mom was the best at making up party games – not sure how she did it because we didn’t have the internet back then! Seriously,  how do you do ANYTHING without the internet?   

Maybe you just had to be an EXTRA super mom and make a trip out to the library or something.  Man, I am glad I have the internet so I can be in my PJ’s with a cup of tea looking for party games.  But thanks mom for always having fun games at my birthday even before the internet came to be.  :-)

Most of these games I found off a Fun and Games site.

First game: The CHOCOLATE game:

Aria's party 10 001

Ahhh…..Love.  How could you not like a game called the chocolate game?  Adults would like this one too.

What you’ll need:

One dice. Some items of clothing which can be quickly put on like a hat, gloves or oven gloves, scarf, etc.
Bar of chocolate on a plate (leave the wrapper on),
knife and fork.

[HINT: If you don't want to see your bar of chocolate finished within a few minutes of the game starting make sure you've included a pair of oven gloves or other gloves as an item to wear!!]

Leave the wrapper on the chocolate bar.

Players take turns throwing one dice and on throwing the six the player would put on the clothes and gloves before picking up the knife and fork in an attempt to get into the chocolate bar and eating it using the knife and fork only. The player next to them, continues to roll the dice (while they are attempting to eat the chocolate) until the next dice roller who rolls a 6 snatches off the hat and their turn begins while the next person starts rolling for the six.
Aria's party 10 016

Second game: The Hula Hoop game:

Ideally for groups of 5 or more people. All players join hands in a circle with one pair joining hands through the hula hoop. The object of the game is to get the hula hoop around the circle without anybody letting go of the others' hands.

Third game: The
Telephone Pictionary game:

Aria's party 10 006

This is all you need to play the game.  The dollar store sells 200 index cards for $1.00, pencils, a dice and a timer.

Aria's party 10 005

It’s too long to write out (so click link for directions) but it’s a fantastic game and lots of laughs.  This one started out as Shooting Fish In A Barrel and ended up some sort of Mixing Dead Fish!  (this was a time when adults played it.)

Fourth game: The Cotton Ball Game:

This was my mom’s “go to” game.  Simply have 2 bowls and put the cotton balls into one bowl.  Blindfold one party member, put them in front of the bowl, give them a spoon and see how many cotton balls in three scoops they can get from one bowl to the other!  Since the cotton balls don't weigh anything it’s pretty hilarious to see them scoop nothing but air sometimes! 

Fifth game: The Wrapped Parcel Game:

Aria's party 10 002

I guess this is super popular in Europe but I hadn't heard of it before.  It was TONS of fun.

A small gift is wrapped up neatly in wrapping paper. This parcel is now wrapped up in another layer and then another until you have as many layers as you want (and the parcel can get quiet big!!). The group sits in a circle and passes the parcel around to each player in turn while some music is playing. When the music stops the person holding the parcel has to take off a layer of wrapping. When they have done that the music starts again and they pass the parcel onto the next person. 

If you have a number of children (20+) you may want to have several parcels rather than just one as it can get quiet boring waiting for the parcel to reach you.

Hope this has added to your own Creative Party Juices!  Thanks for stopping by!
Since we are on the Birthday Party theme, be sure and check out my post on EASY birthday cake post of good ideas!!!

Want another fun idea to do with your kids??  How about make some Rock Candy!!  They will love watching the crystals appear.


  1. All fun ideas! You're such a good thrifty fun mom. I'm lazy so I wind up paying to have a birthday party anywhere but at my house.

    Haydn's birthday is next month and he's requested a sleepover, so I guess it's time to get some games picked out.

  2. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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