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One of the very first blogs I subscribed to was Rhoda from Southern Hospitality.  You can tell she just likes to have fun and enjoys life.  She comes up with the best design ideas and is a big time thrifty shopper!  (my kind of gal) Here is her wall with a bunch of collected thrifty items!

This picture below from Pottery Barn is lots of fun with the black and white on top of a light robins egg blue wall.  Also the three dimensional bird nest adds just a spark of texture to the wall.  Love it!


For those looking at the pictures saying,  I could never figure out how to put all my stuff together and make it look “right” Sarah from Thrifty Décor Chick (also one of my first blog subscriptions!) did a great post on How to Decorate Your mantle.  It will really help with understanding how to accomplish that “designer” look when you add framed prints to your wall or mantle.

Personally I ADORE doing a plate collage on my walls.  It is visually entertaining and can really be quite cheap!  Ross and other discount home décor stores sell gorgeous plates for $2-$4 each. 

You can check out the post on how to make a FREE plate hanger!!!

Green Door Design actually cut out a silhouette of each item she had to place on her wall  on paper first, then she tacked them up on the wall and arranged them  before she nailed anything up. VERY SMART! 

OR see my FAVORITE method for hanging up a wall gallery on this post!

blog gallery wall side profile

Hope this has inspired your Creative Juices!  Mine are inspired and I wrote the post!  I need to go to the thrift store again  Smile


  1. I love all of these, too cute!

  2. love them all. the blue bird cage it great gives a whimsical feeling love it

  3. I just awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award!!! You can go to my blog for the details!!

  4. I'm a thrift store and garage saleing kinda person and your talent for decorating is very nice!
    Following you from Remodelaholic and I'm so glad I found you...
    New Follower here!

  5. Those pictures make my heart pitter pat. I'm one of those that looks at the amazing collections people put together and say "duhhhhh" I have no idea how they do it. Thanks for all the links so I can do some homework ;)

  6. I realize I am kind of late to this post, but here is my picture wall!!


  7. I have been collecting frames, matt's and of course photos, for a photo gallery wall...and this last picture, has lit the fire...thanks!

  8. I love all you did - the wall art is gorgeous!see some more wall art at :
    childrens wall decor

  9. The wall art ideas shared by you are not only unique, but also beautiful. Thanks for sharing


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