Digital Scrapbooking – Is it for you?

For those reading this blog I am guessing you enjoy the crafty side of life (or you are family members that have no choice but to read my blog because I send you my posts!)  Most crafty people have done some form of scrapbooking whether it’s a full on photo page or simply a few cards.  I was a fellow scrapbooked until I just stopped, as in cold turkey stopped and wondered if I would ever get my last child's baby book done.  Why did I stop?  I believe it was the MESS that just got to me.  In order to scrapbook “correctly” my dining table had to be covered in paper, embellishments and JUNK for a week at a time.  And speaking of TIME – it would take FOREVER just to do one page and sometimes the cost of that ONE page became astronomical! As much as I enjoyed the final product it was so hard to design it knowing that once I glued or taped that item down, it was pretty much staying that way forever. 
Only in my wildest dreams could I have imagined being able to see a page with the flower here, there, or anywhere with one click of a button!  This is until my friend Kira @Kissing the Joy showed me SIMPLY how to scrapbook digitally. My mouth just dropped as I watched her put on a beautiful background paper, picture and embellishment in the matter of 90 seconds.  WHAAAATTTT!!!  And NO MESS to clean up???

Kaelah 2_edited-1

It was love at first sight.  (I had a feeling I  lost most of you until I wrote this paragraph – Love stories always bring people back in. Winking smile

Island K scrapbook

So this is what I have been doing over the last few weeks.  (looks like her baby book will be completed!!!)

Kaelah 3 birthday scrapbook 1


Next post I’ll do a very simple (not simple because I’m trying to make it easy for you to understand, simple because I don’t really know a lot about it myself!!!!!) tutorial on how to begin.  I’ll also give you some links of those professionals that DO know what they are doing. 

ENJOY my friends!!!! 


  1. Though I don't have much time to do it, I love ds. I can't abide the cost and paper waste that go into traditional sb. I love your layouts, especially the first one!

  2. How long do I have to wait for your next post!!! Could you just do it right now? ;)
    I've wanted to do this, but don't know how to start...and I don't have a lot of $. Does it cost money?
    Thanks for sharing your know-how!

  3. Hi Leda!
    I'll put the post out on Friday, I am glad you are interested. You will need a photo editing software like photoshop elements. Brand new it cost 79 at costco BUT just search on ebay for a year old photoshop - try photoshop 8. I just checked and they have some Buy it Now for 49.99 (free ship) or if you are willing to bid they go for around 37.00. It's a great program and you not only can use it for digital scrapbooking you can use if for making your photos look great! Hope that helps - stay tuned for Friday!

  4. Cool Selina. Love her gorgeous blues in enchanted garden. Great layout too!

  5. UPDATE: Leda, I did a little studying and I believe that if you have microsoft word you can also do scrapbook layouts. (no need to purchase photoshop) I haven't used it but it sounds like you can open up a blank file to your specific size and start designing. Any one out there tried this?

  6. I use My Memories Suite. I search the internet and find FREE embellishments and papers. I save them into the right file on the computer so the program can find them and tada I can make lots of nice stuff. When I am all done I upload them to and wait for a 50 % off sale. I just got a 100 page album made, you could just do individual pages but I do the whole bound album. I saved about $80 with the sale.


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