Oh Shoot! It’s Official

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When I found my daughter taking pictures of her soggy shredded wheat one morning I realized I had officially crossed the line into the crazy blogging mother that spends too much time has a blog .  I guess I will accept that I have my camera with me at all times and that I do take 50 different angled pictures of a regular sloppy joe I just made.  (somehow I WILL make this pathetic dish look amazing!) Winking smile


As I am writing this blog post I can hear her in the background clicking the camera, talking to our dog saying,  “Oh Tay Duke, say Teese!’ Dog face

But if I wasn’t so camera happy I wouldn’t have caught moments like this – so once again, because I need to re-affirm myself that taking 50 pictures of my sloppy joes is not weird, I will say, I am OK with this. Smile

blog dog
        Our Goldendoodle dog puts up with so much child torture love.

playdough slipper
                        Making herself a playdoh “slipper”

duke licking K copy web
Who doesn't love a puppy kiss??

Same Dog, new haircut Smile

edited fun WEB
Spring is just around the corner - makes me happy!

girls funny face WEB
My Goofy Girls

So here’s to “making it official”.  Thanks to all my friends for making that possible! 

~Creative Juices Decor~


  1. I am still learning my camera and I do take a million pictures of the same thing but it helps! You captured some sweet pics. Keep it up!

  2. great pictures, darling girls, huge, loving dog! thanks for sharing ALL your ideas. I just found your blog the other day:)

  3. That is so funny. She is such a cutie!

  4. Thanks for posting these cute pictures and for your comments. It makes me feel better about my many clicks of the camera as I go through life. I saw some interesting clouds yesterday . . . so of course, click, click, click.


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