Sweater Dress for a Little Girl

When I ran across this simple tutorial from Amy of Flexible Dreams I had to ask her if I could show my readers.  I am NOT a seamstress but this actually looked do-able!  It looks like I won’t be giving any more of my sweaters to the Goodwill anymore! 
(Note to my mother, can you make me a few of these?!Smile)

Isn’t that SWEET!!! Thanks Amy!!! Stop by her blog to see the full tutorial.

flexible dreams

On a side note, anyone in the business to sew up “favorite blankies”?  Wouldn’t that be the best business logo:  “I save your child's beloved blankets from dying!”  This one is definitely dying…..my 7 year old son is devastated.  I had to take a picture because it is so pathetic.  He pleadingly asks me with big blue eyes, “Can you  fix it mom?”  Sorry son, I’m just not that good………

pie bar blanket 020pie bar blanket 019 copy

Till another inspiration comes along!

~ Creative Juices Decor


  1. Hi, stopping over and following on the Thrus. blog hop. What a darling sweater dress!! I would have loved something like that when I was young. Hope you are having a great St. Patrick's day! :)

  2. That sweater dress is adorable. I've started saving my kids clothes that have holes in them so I can "re-purpose" them as soon as I get my sewing patch... you know, like in girl scouts... anyways. I don't know what to tell you on the blanket. You could make him a new one and use some squares from his old one in it? Like a patchwork quilt?

    That's only straight lines sewing, Selina... you could do it!

  3. The dress is just to cute. It almost makes me wish that my girls were little again. I guess I'll just have to wait a few more years until I have grandkids. Hopefully, not anytime soon. My daughter will be graduating from college in May.

    I'm following you, won't you follow me :) @ www.letsstartsavingnow.com.

    Thanks. I just love these blog hops. I always find some great blogs.

  4. such a useful idea, like so many on your blog. i'v really loved reading it and will be visiting often

  5. You cancreate a new blanket that acts as a duvet cover over the old blanket. In one corner you leave it unsewn and close up with snaps, uttons or velcro. The child can then reach in for the old lovey when they need to. If blanket is too far gone create a pocket in the corner cut a piece of the lovey to insert. Tack it down so it cannot be removed. Of course save all the rest of the old lovey to replace in the pocket as necessary. Hope this helps.

  6. @Meribeth - Thank you for your advice! Fun idea.

  7. love that sweater dress! i've tried to do the same, but my seams come out all wavy - how did you avoid that?! as for the blankie, i can't tell if the edges are totally frayed or if there are tassels. if its simply frayed, cut off the ragged edges (so you have a new, somewhat smaller square or rectangle shape). then pin it together with the right sides facing each other (the correct sides of the fabric sandwiched together). sew the entire perimeter (except for about 8" along a straight side), then, using the open 8" part, flip the whole thing to the correct side (see, nice pretty edges!), poke out the corners using a finger or chop stick (you may need to snip around the edges so they don't bunch up when you turn them the correct way). then finish up the 8" by hand (or on the machine, although it will be slightly visible). i know the directions are long, but you're just sewing a big box! you can TOTALLY do it!! :) good luck!

  8. I'm so glad you liked my sweater dress! Thanks for linking back to me. I'm putting your button on my feature page :-)

    Rachel: I've had that same problem sewing knits. Here are a couple of tips. Try using a quilting foot, use a LOT of pins, use a zig zag stitch and sew it before you cut it out. All of those together should help your lines stay straight.

  9. sewing before you cut - genius! thanks for the tips!

  10. what a cute cute colorblock sweater! it looks very comfy and warm.


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