Thrift Store Treasures #4

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Today after a horrible dentist appointment I decided the best thing to cheer me up would be a trip to my local thrift store.  Sure enough, she came through for me once again. Smile 

Here is what I got:

thrift store 003

A beautiful celery green ceramic container. I am thinking of putting my daughters lotions in it since this ended up in her room.  It would also look lovely in a bathroom with wash towels rolled up and placed within. Ya, those lantern behind the ceramic were also from the thrift store, if I remember right they were .50 ¢ a piece.

thrift store 004 copy

It says  Flora on the inscription.  I was very happy this wasn’t just made in China, it was made in Portugal…..ohhhh, fancy Smile

thrift store 007

And for the grand finale, this perfect green décor cost $1.00.  I talked the lady down from $2.00.  (I know, I’m relentless, but there was a little chip on it!) 

And then I picked this handsome box up.

thrift store 010 copy

I have a million places I could put him.  Stuff like this can really add to top of cupboards or just a side table.  It pairs up perfectly with a bushel of greenery.  See my post on 10 fantastic décor tips for more ideas.

thrift store 009

And the price was $2.00.  It made up for my bad dentist appointment.  And because this post is so short I'll leave you with a photo collage I just did of my daughter - can you tell she's a character???

Till next time!!!  Thanks for seeing what I got!  ~ Creative Juices Décor ~

Easter Pictures, Eggs and Candy

Wow!  My kids have so much candy from yesterday I’m not quite sure how to handle it!  My sister in law stuffs hundreds of eggs FILLED with candy and we hide them on my in laws 2 acre property.  The 10 grandkids go WILD!

a Eggs

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day.  My youngest is the only one that still lets me dress her up and loves to get her picture taken,  therefore almost all the photos I take are of her!!!  Sorry other kiddos!

Running frantically with her younger cousin to grab as many eggs as possible!

Time to sit and count all her Easter eggs.  (oh, and eat a LOT of candy while doing that!)

Grandma and Papa’s house comes complete with swings and a slide!

All in a days work. Getting tired, but still counting those eggs!

I hope your Easter was special.  Thanks for stopping by and I promise I'll have some FUN crafts and design stuff coming up!

~ Creative Juices Decor~

Pablano Chicken Casserole

chicken Pablano chicken

My husband and I love this recipe.  I’m pretty sure it’s in the  top 3 list for my husband.  It’s also nice for those watching your carbs as it is very low carb.  I use a pretty hot homemade tomatillo enchilada sauce so I have to say it is a spicy dish.  We LOVE spicy food! Once again this recipe is very easy – the most time consuming part is peeling the peppers but once you get a hang of it, it’s simple.  ALSO I always double the recipe and freeze one for a later date. 

These are pablano peppers!

Ingredients clip_image001
  • 4 Pablano chili (right with the other peppers in the store)
  • 4 chicken breast
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 10 Oz Green Enchilada Sauce (if you prefer red that’s OK too)
  • 2 Cups Cheddar Cheese

Directions clip_image001[1]

Roast the Pablano chili on grill or under broiler until black on all sides, allow to cool and peel off black skin & remove stems.

Preheat oven to 400

In a large skillet heat oil over med-high and brown chicken breast on both sides. remove chicken and set aside. Add onion (sliced) to pan and brown, return chicken to pan with onions, season with pepper and chicken bullion. In the pan barely cover the chicken with water and boil until water is evaporated,(maybe 10-15 min, the chicken will be completely cooked by that time) then take out the chicken and chop the chicken into cubes,put back in the pan and add 1/2 cup of cheese - mix all together.

Lightly oil 9x13 glass baking dish

Slice open chilies and lay them flat in the dish and fill with chicken mixture. Next drizzle (pour) enchilada sauce over it and top with remaining cheese. Cover with foil and bake until bubbly and cheese is melted about 20 min. uncover and bake additional 10 min. allow to cool slightly slice and serve.

For those that want to make a homemade enchilada sauce see my Homemade Chicken Enchiladas post.

chicken Pablano chicken

ENJOY! You will love the flavor of this chicken cooked with the bullion and the onion!  Yummy!!!

                                          ~ Creative Juices Decor~

Knit Flowers from Old Sweaters

I am so excited to show you what I did today! 

It all started with this cute little pillow that I got for $2.25.  I just love anything with the color combination of moss green and brown. It’s just so natural, like foliage and dirt. Smile 

plain pillow

In my head I pictured a great big moss green flower to add to the corner so I began my sewing project! 

pillow ruffle

I Blog to Hide From the Laundry- Fess Up Friday

I was just wondering, does anyone else see this pattern in their laundry piles? 

laundry blog

Seriously folks, I didn't manipulate this picture!  This is how it looks every week on laundry day!  For a split second (it was a very quick second) I had the thought that maybe I was the one with the problem (I do sometimes wear the same socks twice, that is one of my “fess ups”) but REALLY, this is SO off balance!  Is it because I am the one that DOES the laundry that the other members of the household have NO remorse throwing that MAYBE dirty shirt in the laundry?? Also, when they throw it in the hamper they know that it comes back to their room folded AND put away! I mean who wouldn't want that?!  Hummmm……..Times need to change.

My mother just sent me a book called Housekeeping Skills for Kids It’s how to turn your children into slaves, oh,  I mean how to teach your children the skills they will need to run their OWN homes, and as a benefit, you won’t be doing so much laundry yourself!! ha ha!  Actually, I was really impressed with the book.  You start off and focus on one skill and work with them on it throughout the summer, and then for the school year they are on their own with that learned skill. 

Believe me, when all 8 of my children have a few years into this program my house is gonna be SPOTLESS!  (oh wait, I don’t have 8 children….)

On another side note, isn’t this the saddest laundry room EVER?  It’s like being sent to the dungeon under the house!

laundry 010

In my next house I’m going to paint the walls sunshine yellow with tulips and daffodils growing up the walls, hang a fancy chandelier and put cute little puppy pictures on every wall.  OK, not really, but it might make me happier to be doing the laundry. Winking smile

Better Homes and Garden

Truth be told, and my other "fess up",  I really do blog ALL THE TIME instead of doing the laundry, the dishes and my favorite, the bathrooms.  In fact, it’s happening this very minute.  Smile 

And just so I can give you something MORE to laugh about, (as shown on ThriftyDecorChick) can any one else relate??!!!!

~ Creative Juices Decor~

Get those Creative Juices Flowing

Today’s post is just eye candy to get those Creative Juices going.  Recently I've had the privilege to get to know Lauren of  West Furniture Revival her blog is tons of fun (believe me, you'll be laughing!) and full of great ideas.  I featured her chest make over a while back.  On her blog she has a tab labeled "inspire me" where I found some of these pictures, I got to thinking it would be fun to do a tab called "Eye Candy", pictures off the internet that get our Creative Juices going.  As soon as I finish the novel I've been reading, oh I mean get my house clean I'm going to do that!  (hee,hee)  ENJOY and be inspired!  I sure was!

An old ceiling tin (from a flee market) as a piece of art!  So simple and beautiful. 

 All Things Home

 Cottage Romance  used a lonely thrift store headboard for this wall art.  Great idea – I am completely inspired!

 This could be such a cute boys room (or study)  Half chalk paint and half map!  Don’t forget the cute area on the ceiling around the light! 


 I ADORE this idea. She just used a HEADBOARD from a thrift store, painted it and applied hooks!  If I find a cool headboard I WILL be doing this.

I hope I have got your Creative Juices going and have enjoyed this as much as I have.  Be sure and stop by West Furniture Revival too! Till next time!

Blueberry Tiramisu–Sugar Free AND sugar full things that make me LAUGH

Check out my friends link (just click icon) for tons of laughs and real life adventures!!!

Haven't you heard?  Just a spoon full of sugar helps the Lunchables go down?  HaHa! 

When I turned around and saw my 3 year old eating her lunchables (a prepackaged collection of cheese, meat and crackers that includes a cookie desert) like this I couldn't believe it! Really? As much as I was appalled and horrified, I was laughing hysterically.  So it makes it all worth it.  I love kids.  I did tell her to save her cookies for last.....maybe she thought that eating them all at the same time would count as being alright too?

OK, on to my main story.....

Have you ever made something just because you don’t want to waste food?  I had some blueberries that were starting to “see better days” so I decided today was the day to use them up. I quickly searched one of my favorite blogs and found her Blueberry Tiramisu. Sounds good to me!

Previously I told you guy that I was only going to post easy recipes so here’s the deal.  It wasn’t easy Smile  (I mean it wasn’t HARD, but it wasn’t just like throwing it all in a bowl and away you go!) So, I’m going to put up the picture and if you are in the mood for a challenge stop on over to Amy’s Simply Sugar and Gluten Free blog.  It was very yummy.  It’s made with blueberries (obviously) Greek yogurt, agave and lots of lemon zest!  What’s there not to like?  Plus it’s quite a pretty little concoction.  Best to let sit in the refrigerator to chill before serving.  For those that like the sugar free idea but don’t have the gluten free flours I bet you could just use regular flour with this recipe and it would turn out great. 

blueberry tiramisu

close up blueberry tiramisu

ENJOY! – Creative Juices Decor

Thrift Store Treasures #3

Comment # 31 Kim of Raising 3 Ladies was the winner of the Gypsy Studio Giveaway!  Thank you to all who entered!

This last trip to the thrift store was so exciting!  (yep – I’m one of those weirdos!)

I have always kept my eye out for something to hold my 10 year old daughters salt and pepper collection.  Not quite sure how this collection started but I believe I started it off with an adorable piglet set I found.

thrift store 008

Next thing I knew, my mother in law found out she was starting up a collection and my daughter had more salt and pepper shakers than a dog has fleas! 

So on this lucky half off Wednesday I found just the thing:


DRUM ROLL………..$2.50  SCORE!!!! (I didn’t even need to paint it! – My daughter’s colors are green and pink)

thrift store 012
Quilt made by my good friend Amy hanging over my daughters bed.

thrift store 005

On top of showing off her entire collection (note to MIL – the shelves are full. Winking smile) all her sweaters which were previously scattered across her floor shoved in a drawer now have a place to stay!

The next treasure was this super OLD antique mirror.  The details were so pretty.  It weighed a ton! (BTW – that lamp was found for 10 bucks at the same thrift store – I had to fix it up a little though, oh, and so was that tissue holder and the greenery)

blog mirror

Isn’t she pretty!

blog close up mirror

This wooden mirrored treasure was only $7.50 and worth every penny (especially since I was convinced that behind the boards on the back might be an original copy of the constitution or something – don’t you just love those kind of stories…….”next thing I knew I was a millionaire”…..OK there wasn’t anything behind the boards except a crazy amount of cobwebs which did freak me out a little)

Last but not least, I found a set of NEW drapes for $1.00.  Two panels for $1.00.  I still can’t get over how cheap they were!!!!!

blog curtains

Till the next thrift store adventure my friends!

Linking up to Southern Hospitality Thrift Store Treasures!

  Keep those Creative Juices flowing!!!!
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