Blueberry Tiramisu–Sugar Free AND sugar full things that make me LAUGH

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Haven't you heard?  Just a spoon full of sugar helps the Lunchables go down?  HaHa! 

When I turned around and saw my 3 year old eating her lunchables (a prepackaged collection of cheese, meat and crackers that includes a cookie desert) like this I couldn't believe it! Really? As much as I was appalled and horrified, I was laughing hysterically.  So it makes it all worth it.  I love kids.  I did tell her to save her cookies for last.....maybe she thought that eating them all at the same time would count as being alright too?

OK, on to my main story.....

Have you ever made something just because you don’t want to waste food?  I had some blueberries that were starting to “see better days” so I decided today was the day to use them up. I quickly searched one of my favorite blogs and found her Blueberry Tiramisu. Sounds good to me!

Previously I told you guy that I was only going to post easy recipes so here’s the deal.  It wasn’t easy Smile  (I mean it wasn’t HARD, but it wasn’t just like throwing it all in a bowl and away you go!) So, I’m going to put up the picture and if you are in the mood for a challenge stop on over to Amy’s Simply Sugar and Gluten Free blog.  It was very yummy.  It’s made with blueberries (obviously) Greek yogurt, agave and lots of lemon zest!  What’s there not to like?  Plus it’s quite a pretty little concoction.  Best to let sit in the refrigerator to chill before serving.  For those that like the sugar free idea but don’t have the gluten free flours I bet you could just use regular flour with this recipe and it would turn out great. 

blueberry tiramisu

close up blueberry tiramisu

ENJOY! – Creative Juices Decor


  1. I will never show Rowan these pictures, EVER, or he will insist on cookie sandwiches for lunch for eternity. Too funny.

    Thanks for being my first official "link"! I'm so relieved it worked.

    And your tiramisu looked super yummy. I will have to look at that recipe and see if it will help me use this huge bag of coconut flour I bought that I have absolutely no clue what to do with.

  2. Kids eat the funniest things. I cannot imagine that tasting good at all!

    Cute blog - I love your fun crafty ideas, especially the map!

  3. I love kids too, she is cute. The tiramisu looks delightful.

  4. YUMM! And what a cutie!
    I Featured you in my 1st ever Link party Features:) I have a Button for you to grab for your Feature!



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