Easter Pictures, Eggs and Candy

Wow!  My kids have so much candy from yesterday I’m not quite sure how to handle it!  My sister in law stuffs hundreds of eggs FILLED with candy and we hide them on my in laws 2 acre property.  The 10 grandkids go WILD!

a Eggs

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day.  My youngest is the only one that still lets me dress her up and loves to get her picture taken,  therefore almost all the photos I take are of her!!!  Sorry other kiddos!

Running frantically with her younger cousin to grab as many eggs as possible!

Time to sit and count all her Easter eggs.  (oh, and eat a LOT of candy while doing that!)

Grandma and Papa’s house comes complete with swings and a slide!

All in a days work. Getting tired, but still counting those eggs!

I hope your Easter was special.  Thanks for stopping by and I promise I'll have some FUN crafts and design stuff coming up!

~ Creative Juices Decor~


  1. Love love love these! Beautiful!

  2. what beautiful children! mine were all clean and dandy on easter sunday too, until they opened their eggs!

  3. Reply@Mum: Ah yes! Her dress went directly into the wash when I got home. It had tootsie roll "juice" all over it. Good thing I bought it off eBay for 10 bucks!(I wasn't too irratated at her.)

  4. Okay, I hire YOU to take some family photos for me this spring... spring is coming right? What, it's almost May? Oh... well, okay, maybe this summer then.

    Seriously, though, gorgeous pictures, great eye Selina!

  5. I just saw your post at Brown Paper Pacakages for the canvas map idea. Very, very creative. I know I have passed up maps before at stores, but now it gives me a great idea. You have a beautiful blog with beautiful pictures. I'm a new follower.

  6. Fantastic photos! Simply gorgeous! (Came over from the coffe shop blog).

  7. Love these photos!! How precious!!!!


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