I Blog to Hide From the Laundry- Fess Up Friday

I was just wondering, does anyone else see this pattern in their laundry piles? 

laundry blog

Seriously folks, I didn't manipulate this picture!  This is how it looks every week on laundry day!  For a split second (it was a very quick second) I had the thought that maybe I was the one with the problem (I do sometimes wear the same socks twice, that is one of my “fess ups”) but REALLY, this is SO off balance!  Is it because I am the one that DOES the laundry that the other members of the household have NO remorse throwing that MAYBE dirty shirt in the laundry?? Also, when they throw it in the hamper they know that it comes back to their room folded AND put away! I mean who wouldn't want that?!  Hummmm……..Times need to change.

My mother just sent me a book called Housekeeping Skills for Kids It’s how to turn your children into slaves, oh,  I mean how to teach your children the skills they will need to run their OWN homes, and as a benefit, you won’t be doing so much laundry yourself!! ha ha!  Actually, I was really impressed with the book.  You start off and focus on one skill and work with them on it throughout the summer, and then for the school year they are on their own with that learned skill. 

Believe me, when all 8 of my children have a few years into this program my house is gonna be SPOTLESS!  (oh wait, I don’t have 8 children….)

On another side note, isn’t this the saddest laundry room EVER?  It’s like being sent to the dungeon under the house!

laundry 010

In my next house I’m going to paint the walls sunshine yellow with tulips and daffodils growing up the walls, hang a fancy chandelier and put cute little puppy pictures on every wall.  OK, not really, but it might make me happier to be doing the laundry. Winking smile

Better Homes and Garden

Truth be told, and my other "fess up",  I really do blog ALL THE TIME instead of doing the laundry, the dishes and my favorite, the bathrooms.  In fact, it’s happening this very minute.  Smile 

And just so I can give you something MORE to laugh about, (as shown on ThriftyDecorChick) can any one else relate??!!!!

~ Creative Juices Decor~


  1. LFR! That last little cartoon is SO ME! My email has to be my biggest time-suck of the day. I just get sent off on wild meaningless tangents that have nothing to do with what I really WANT to be doing. It's a sickness.

    Loved this post and I love that you're linking up with me. That laundry room picture makes me want to buy a chandelier today, but for my office (I've been wanting one for a while... keep your eye peeled at the thrift store for me!)

    And another thing, "keeping your eye peeled" has to be the grossest expression ever. Who came up with that?

  2. LOL! Loved this! I would hope to see the counter in my laundry room someday so I can remember what it looks like! Mine is piled with clothes all the time too! Now I don't feel so bad!!!
    Loved that cartoon--it's very me too as I should go back to vacuuming and getting ready for company! Ahhhh!

  3. This is so great! Not Just a Housewife has a linky party on just this topic! Go over to my blog to check out what I linked up.

    The cartoon SO HIT HOME!! Too funny, thanks for this great post, and you really should link up.

  4. Thanks for sharing! :-) I liked the cartoon, too. And I don't even have kids yet, but i'm pretty sure I need to go buy that book and start studying it.

  5. Hi Selena, I just found your blog through Elements and I love, love, love it!!!
    You are so stinkin' cute and funny.
    Do you know I have that picture of the woman ironing in my downloads.
    My husband and I laughed so hard when we read this comic strip yesterday, I guess we can totally relate.
    I am now your...wait for it...400th follower! Yay you! Yay me! Yay us!
    Can't wait to visit you again.

    Your newest follower,

  6. Too Cute! I love the comic. I hate to admit that's me...so of course, after I denied it, I laughed. Pretty funny.
    I love your blog. I will be back to read more!
    You have a new follower!

  7. LOVE this post. Glad I found the blog! I'm a new follower!

  8. Absolutely! My laptop has to be either shut down or in another room before I can actually totally ignore it. LOL!!!

  9. I just stumbled across your blog today. Your laundry pile looks JUST.LIKE.MINE! I can't believe I'm not the only one :) Looking forward to following your blog.

  10. Are you spying on me? I am actually "doing" laundry right now, while I am reading your blog. And while my laundry room really is sunshine yellow, it doesn't help with the laundry. You can't see the yellow walls because of all the laundry hanging up to dry. oh well! (p.s. I have those same wall cabinets in my laundry room also, weird!) thanks for the laughs.

  11. Oh I can so relate! My laundry room doesn't look quite as sad as yours but it's not very inspiring nor does it make me want to stay there. In fact, it's not even a "room" other than there are two doors and four feet between them. It's a Laundry Pass through..between the garage and the house. UGH.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I will be visiting your blog often!


  12. I remember I would find socks {rolled and clean} in the laundry each week. It was easier to clean up their rooms if my kids just threw everything from the floor in the dirty laundry. It would infuriate me!!!! They are now 31 and 26 years old. I wonder if they still do that!

  13. Reply@Amy, HaHa! I bet if they are doing their OWN laundry there aren't any more clean rolled up socks anymore :-) It's fun to hear your kids are older and you can still look back and smile (kind of smile, I mean that IS very frustrating!)

  14. Yeah...my middle son has a habit of "oh, I got a drop of water on this shirt...I need a new one." Ahhh!!!

  15. Nice job! I recently made over my laundry room too! www.antsi-pants.blogspot.com

  16. This is so funny! I can so relate and am actually procrastinating my laundry right now to read blogs! Is there a book about how to train your husband on laundry? Hahaha. Found you over at my sister's blog (New Nostalgia) and glad I did:) Great blog.

  17. I am also a major procrastinator, but I learned early to have my kids to their laundry. While I was pregnant with my second one I couldn't reach into the washer. I would have the then four year old do all the laundry for me with me supervising her. Now she does all of her own laundry, still having me supervising her and helping her to fold her laundry. Even my two year old does most of her own laundry. That way it doesn't get bogged up to much.
    Still to busy blogging today I almost forgot to call the doctor to schedule an appointment for my oldest one for today. Ai ai ai. Need to get going.

  18. Aw, my laundry room would love to look as good as yours. I'll never be allowed to fix mine because the main electrical panel is right behind the washer/dryer in the basement and of course then there are all the pipes that just HAVE to intersect right there (not allowed to paint them!). Hubs won't allow a cover-up for any of it because it could be a fire hazard. So, it is a pathetic horrid place and I torture myself looking at pretty laundry rooms like yours on the web. :sniff, sniff:

    For reals...hope you feel better. Thanks for sharing your laundry reality.


  19. Love the cartoon!! I'm your newest linky follower from TDC-stop by for a visit!


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