Thrift Store Treasures #3

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This last trip to the thrift store was so exciting!  (yep – I’m one of those weirdos!)

I have always kept my eye out for something to hold my 10 year old daughters salt and pepper collection.  Not quite sure how this collection started but I believe I started it off with an adorable piglet set I found.

thrift store 008

Next thing I knew, my mother in law found out she was starting up a collection and my daughter had more salt and pepper shakers than a dog has fleas! 

So on this lucky half off Wednesday I found just the thing:


DRUM ROLL………..$2.50  SCORE!!!! (I didn’t even need to paint it! – My daughter’s colors are green and pink)

thrift store 012
Quilt made by my good friend Amy hanging over my daughters bed.

thrift store 005

On top of showing off her entire collection (note to MIL – the shelves are full. Winking smile) all her sweaters which were previously scattered across her floor shoved in a drawer now have a place to stay!

The next treasure was this super OLD antique mirror.  The details were so pretty.  It weighed a ton! (BTW – that lamp was found for 10 bucks at the same thrift store – I had to fix it up a little though, oh, and so was that tissue holder and the greenery)

blog mirror

Isn’t she pretty!

blog close up mirror

This wooden mirrored treasure was only $7.50 and worth every penny (especially since I was convinced that behind the boards on the back might be an original copy of the constitution or something – don’t you just love those kind of stories…….”next thing I knew I was a millionaire”…..OK there wasn’t anything behind the boards except a crazy amount of cobwebs which did freak me out a little)

Last but not least, I found a set of NEW drapes for $1.00.  Two panels for $1.00.  I still can’t get over how cheap they were!!!!!

blog curtains

Till the next thrift store adventure my friends!

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  1. Thrifting is the BEST! Great finds!

  2. Some wonderful finds --- now will MIL get the hint.....I run into the same thing!

  3. The curtains are my favorite! What action are you running on those photos anyway?

  4. I LOVE a good deal! Good job!

  5. Oh my what wonderful thrifty finds. I love the drapes. ~~Sherry~~

  6. That is so adorable that your daughter has such a cute collection & what a wonderful display piece you found. Love that mirror you found & can't believe the price. And drapes, too. You scored big time at the trust thrift store.

    Just have to say that Chicken Noodle Soup recipe looks amazing. I've never made homemade noodles, but I'm very tempted to start after seeing this recipe. I have it bookmarked for when we get back into soup weather -- like late this fall!

  7. I just popped over from Company Girls and I have to say, those are some amazing thrift finds! Wow! And the chicken noodle soup looks really good too.

  8. Wow awesome finds! I LOVE thrifting and am totally addicted! I would much rather spend hours picking through other people's "junk" than go to a mall anyday :).


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