Inspirational Pictures– Kitchen eating nook and hanging beds

OK, this kitchen was just cool.  I love the idea of incorporating a kitchen table nook right off the island.  It seems that everyone loves to gather around in the kitchen and hang out so why not make it easy!  All the bead board and the mix of colored wood is great.

These beds are crazy!  I think the rope is not really holding them up and there is a post in the center of the twin beds.  (I can only hope –right!)


And I want to live here…….seriously.

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~ Creative Juices Decor~


  1. I too love the idea of a kitchen nook. I really toyed with the idea of one when we built our house, but then I was afraid of getting tired of it and it being hard to remove.
    Those beds are so cool, such a simple but effective idea.

  2. I crazy love that kitchen nook...if I only had the space that would be great...the beds are also really cute!!! I'm going to be an empty nester in 2 yrs so we are downsizing from a 2400 sqft house to a 1400 sqft house in a my challenge will be "purging" or else it's going to be awfully crowded...LOL

  3. Hey Selina, thanks for stopping by the other day, and for the pep talk about Window Live Writer. I would have gotten back to ya sooner if blogger had let me log in! I must say your eye candy photos are gorgeous! I would love all 3 to be in my future, haha.

  4. Kimmie (, 8:23 AM

    I absolutely LOVE the Eye Candy #2 kitchen!!!!!!! I clicked on the link to Elle Decor but I can't seem to find the details on that particular kitchen. I am really wanting to know what the paint color on the walls and the cabinets is! Can you help me find where I can get all the details and or paint colors?? Thank you!! :)

    1. Hi Kimmie,

      I so wish I had all the information on that kitchen but I don't. I believe that that picture was even before Pinterest came around and I had saved it in a file on my computer just for my own ideas when I was building a house. I love it too!


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