RUSTIC Starburst Mirror out of Napkin Holders and Twigs!

I know the starburst mirrors are ALL over blogland but I’m going to venture on a twist of the classic.  Yes, I plan to show you how to do a rustic, outdoorsy, almost wreath like twist on the ever popular, classic, starburst mirror.  (Are you excited yet?)

For most my crafts my ideas will just come to me, all of a sudden, and I’ll immediately have to begin the project before I lose motivation and have a finished product within the hour (or two, or three, hee hee) 

This project was one of those, as in it came to me, and I had to drive to the craft store immediately to buy my round mirror, come home and cut twigs in the back yard, wish I was rich enough to hire someone to pick up my kids from school because I had to STOP to go get them, take them to piano lessons, come home and frantically finish gluing on my twigs before it was too dark to take a picture of my finished project.  It has occurred to me that I may be just a little obsessive compulsive.  Just maybe……. Smile

Because I’m a thrift store stalker I happen to have a collection of napkin rings that I picked up for a dollar at the thrift store, so I used them on this project. (FYI, the Dollar Tree also carries napkin rings!)

starburst drapes 006

I bought a 7” round mirror for $1.90 at Michaels and arranged my pattern and hot glue the rings on.  I didn’t like that you could see through the rings so I glued brown felt on the backside of each ring. 

starburst drapes 008
starburst drapes 009

Next I just cut up twigs in my backyard an hot glued them in a circle.  I also glued on a plate holder (from the dollar store) so I had a hook for my starburst.

starburst drapes 021

It’s as EASY as THAT!  What do you think?  My husband chuckled just a little and said, “Wow, it sure makes for an artistic entrance!”  I’m not sure if he was giving me a compliment or not? Smile

I really like how it turned out – what do you think? It always amazes me how mirrors completely open up a space. (even little ones like this!)  I did a post a while back on 10 easy design tips, using mirrors was one of the tips!

                                                             Total Cost: $4.00

blog starburst door

I also tried it in my backyard.  I might even like it better there, the starburst is perfect for an outdoor setting.  I hope you guys are inspired to make one yourself! 

blog starburst

And look – I got my picture in before the sun went down!!!!  A Good Day I’d Say….

This type of twig mirror project was also in YHL newest book!!!
Linking up to their Spring Pinterest Party - fun!

Till next time my friends! 

~ Creative Juices Décor ~


  1. Golly, I sometimes wish I could be a little OCD too. I'd probably accomplish a lot more. I *love* that as decor for the door! It makes a statement, it will change effortlessly with the seasons, AND people can check their makeup before you open the door. All good things!

    You're amazing, Miss Selina :)

  2. oooh I really like it outside! very creative!

  3. being OCD allows us to get it right eventually but without it would take about 1/2 the time. love what you shared come see what I shared at

  4. New follower. Love a follow back at

    I have a sun mirror as well. Lol Yours is better though

  5. I REALLY like it! I love to add twigs and things to my fall decor (and other seasons, as well!). My husband always comments on my "sticks". I really, really like this. Good job! BTW, I am impulsive, too! Check out my post here about when I painted my bathroom one afternoon when my husband was at a football game... "I thought I cut my toes off on the bathtub!"

  6. This is the first time I have visited your blog and I LOVE this mirror so much that I will be a new follower, even though I have not looked at a single other post (though I plan on it as soon as I leave this message!) Hope you pay me a visit...I am a new blogger, so if you should happen to stop by, please leave a those are so appreciated...and if you become a follower...well I don't know where you live, but I'm sure you'll hear me scream with excitement no matter where it is! Excuse me now while I dive into the rest of your blog!

  7. thanks for sharing.


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