BEFORE and AFTER my Brother’s Home

What a CRAZY weekend!  Just to back up a little, while visiting my family this Christmas, my brother who had JUST moved into a new home gave me $150.00 to “thrift store shop” for his house.  He is single and he really wanted to have a nice homey feel but was not sure how to accomplish that.  I was DELIGHTED to help!  So after collecting accessories and furnishings for a few months, I loaded everything into the back of our truck and took the 5 hour trip to Seattle to do my fun interior design job.  We just got back yesterday.

During the 5 months between visits we emailed MANY Craigslist ideas for a sofa, coffee table and console table.  (that was not part of my $150.00) I made him promise to get the OK from me before he bought anything!  He found some great deals.  We still need a dining table - I suppose my jobs not done QUITE yet!  (I Red heart Craigslist)

Here it is - the HOME tour:  (this was all done in a day, my wonderful mom came and helped till lunch, then I was on my own……yep, I was tired)


blog Entry BEFORE


Clock from Shopko on clearance for 19.99 down from 100.00.  Pictures also from Shopko clearance for 12.00 down from 49.99.

blog Entry After 1

blog Entry AFTER

Kitchen BEFORE:

blog BEFORE kitchen

Kitchen AFTER:

Already had the curtain rod, but the GORGEOUS valance was 2.00 and the candlesticks were 1.00 each. To enhance your home with all natural light, Orlando Group Roofing recommends installing windows.

blog Kitchen window AFTER

One of my favorite changes was spray painting these white and pink flower handles to Oil Rubbed Bronze!  It just turned out so classy looking!

kitchen knobs BEFOREblog Knobs AFTER
blog Knobs AFTER 2

Ross Plate – 2.99.  Matching basket .50¢  My mom and I painted two walls a nice neutral Carmel color. (you can see the color nicely behind the plate compared to the white refrigerator.)

blog Kitchen AFTER

The Living Room BEFORE:

blog Living room BEFORE

Living Room AFTER: (ah, there I am!)

blog ALL in a days work

This was my favorite view…..
blog nano's house

His fireplace was so cool!  A little 70’s but I still like it.  The mirror was 17.50 and bright gold so I painted it Oil Rubbed Bronze and antiqued it with a little golden paint.   (tip #20 by YHL new book!)

blog Fireplace AFTER

I got those shelves for $2.00 each – of course I spray painted the iron from light silver to oil rubbed bronze.  I painted the sunflower picture and the most expensive thing on those shelves was the 3.99 candle my mom bought for him. (Seriously!)

blog AFTER vinyette2

Corner before:

blog courner vinyette BEFORE
Corner After:

Greenery does miracles in a home! I got that Palm Tree for 30.00 at the thrift store.  See my 10 easy decorating tips post for all the rules I followed to do my brothers home.

blog Courner Vinyette AFTER

Console Table Before:

blog sofa table BEFORE

Console Table After:

blog AFTER sofa table

The lamp shades I  bought for 1.00 and they were a dingy white all smudged up.  I simply spray painted them a soft gold – they turned out perfect.  I LOVE that little frame I found for 1.00 too.  Oh! and that great bowl on the right still had the tag on for 14.99 but of course I only paid 1.00.  The greenery under the table…..2.50.  I need to put some pussy willow twigs or curly willow in that vase to the side – just didn’t get around to that yet.

blog AFTER vinyette

All in a Days Work!!! What do you think? Like it?

Once again:

blog Living room BEFORE

blog AFTER living room
blog nano's house

I have a bunch of stories and fix ups that I promise to show you regarding this final outcome. (Come on, you can’t do what I just did for $150 bucks without buying CHEAP while painting, dying, prepping, cleaning up a bunch of stuff!) But you know how much I love turning trash to treasure so STAY TUNED for all the delicious details!!!

                 ~ CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. Ok - You did ALL of that for less than $150?? Even the couch?? That couch is a GREAT find. You did amazing - I know it's hard to redo a guy's house when you know all of the "cutesy" things to do, but you did a GREAT job! All of the rubbed bronze looks very masculine and makes every match great!!

  2. I love it!! IT is women like you who inspired me to redecorate my daughters room, on a very small budget. I just posted, would love for you to stop by and give your opinion! thanks so much, Sue

  3. Reply @ Jenna: Oh, you guys are so kind with your comments! thank you. The furntiture was not part of the 150.00. He bought it off craigslist where he lives (Seattle) He just had to get the OK from me to purchase it! The 150 was all the accessories, window coverings, greenery etc....believe me it was a challange but when you aren't "made of money" challanges can be fun!

  4. Opps, except the end table by the sofa. I bought that for 10 bucks and painted it. We pretty much had no room for our clothes in the back of our truck. My husband wasn't happy! LOL, oh well!

  5. Selina, thanks for your advice, I figured out how to make them bigger, not with the rounded edges like yours, but they are larger now!! Your husband might not have been happy, but I'm sure your brother was!!!

  6. I am amazed at the budget you did this on! fantastic

  7. Excellent work and wow, you've given me a few ideas for my living room that needs attention.

    Back to lurking and learning.


  8. WOW, his home looks FABULOUS! It's so warm and inviting and very classy. Great job with everything including doing such an AMAZING job with only spending $150!!! :D Congratulations!

  9. Way to go, Miss Interior Design! It turned out awesome. I'm truly impressed that you were able to do that with just $150. I'm sure your brother was very blessed.

  10. Super impressive! Thanks for posting your lamp redo a while back. I did my own this week!

  11. Wow that was great! You did awesome.

  12. I think its sweet that you took the time to help your brother! It turned out well.

  13. wow! your brother is so lucky to have you!! You did an amazing job, and it turned out so cute!!!

  14. Wow! Great job! I can't even imagine have $150 to spend at the Thrift Store...that would be heavenly! :) You did an amazing job decorating his place! Thanks for linking to Thrifty Thursday!

  15. It looks great! Nice and homey. Nice job!

  16. Wow! What an awesome job, It looks great.

  17. You did a fabulous job! Your brother's home went from "Bachelor" to "Welcome." Excellent shopping & styling skills, a super combo.

  18. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that you painted the cabinet door pulls! I have those same ones minus the roses and was planning on asking for new ones for Christmas. If I didn't think opening the garage door would wake my husband, I'd try to paint ours RIGHT NOW!! :)
    But since it's night, I'll ask first: how has the painting held up?

  19. Reply @ Mrs Jones:
    I am so glad you liked it! When you are on a budget you get really creative :-)

    I’ve asked my brother a few times how they have held up and he says they are great (it’s been almost 4 months)

    This is what I would do with yours (more detail)

    Grab a piece of sandpaper and rub the white part of the handle (no need to go crazy….just buff it a little) of course make sure and wipe off the dust when you are done.

    Tape off the metal part really well (we did have some problem with leakage but fortunately the parts that accidently got Oil Rubbed Bronze paint on it came off with a flat razor blade. You could try slitting an index card and pushing it over the handle to help with covering the surrounding area.

    Buy a GOOD metal primer (Wal-mart has the best price) I used Rustoleum metal primer but I have heard good things about Kilz Primer too. Follow the directions on how long to let dry.

    Apply a coat of the Krylon ORB (oil rubbed bronze) or whatever color you want of spray paint. Don’t get too heavy, this is like painting your nails, if you let each coat dry really well and put on another coat you’re best off. We were majorly short on time so I think we just did one coat, I would have done at least 2 coats if it was my house.

    I think I would do a clear top coat (polyurethane or polyacrylic) just over the top……seal it in. (can’t remember if I did this to his or not) It’s not expensive and it would just make it super durable. Honestly, it’s so much like painting your nails it’s ridiculous! It is a little time consuming but honestly very easy. You can’t go wrong. It totally changed his look from OLD and “rosey” to contemporary or at least classic! It was my favorite quick fix I did in his house.

  20. What about the new sofa?

  21. Nicely done! What a sweet family you have. I am sure your brother was amazed at the homey and classy transformation you and your mom gave him. It was cold and now it is cozy.


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