Finally–We Got the Green Light. Our New Home.

I’m not even sure I should write this post because this is not the FIRST time I thought we had the green light to build.  Maybe it’s just because I need some excitement in my life so I’m just going to write it and say WE GOT THE GREEN LIGHT!  Supposedly, hopefully, God willing,  we’ll start building in July. (Maybe August or September if we run into obstacles, which we seem to do quite a bit!)   We have wanted to build for 4 years now and have owned the property for 6 years.

Picture of our 1 acre property.  Grandma and Papa’s house is right next door, and guess what,  the children  in the picture came with the price of the property. Kind of an all in one package!  Ya, we got a killer deal!  (-:


For the past few years I have made due by putting my creative energy into crafts and other fun stuff.  We are renting right now and although I wanted to tell the owners that anything I did to the house would increase the value, they didn’t really like the idea of me painting every room in the house!  I did sneak in a beautiful faux wall in the living room and put up an oil rubbed chandelier in the dining room.  I just couldn’t help it – every wall was stark white and the light fixtures were the shiny brass!  H-E-L-P!

light blog

faux wall

I am so excited!!!! And you know what that means for you guys??  LOTS of fun posts full of inspiration and home décor.  Yey! 

Front of Home:

Front 1

Back of Home:

Back 2


I am so happy to have you guys along for the ride!
               ~Creative Juices Decor~


  1. I am visiting from Infarrantly Creative. I LOVE the mirror/seashell wall decor you made. What a creative use of different materials. I never would have thought of it!

  2. How exciting. I can tell you that building your own home is fantastic and frustrating all in one. We are here two years now and I still can't belive it when I look around that we live here. The best advice I can give you is to read as much info and look at as many pictures of houses as you can. The earlier you have decisions made the better, as you don't want to be making any in haste.Good luck!

  3. I LOVE the plans for your new home! It is beautiful! Best of luck and thanks for bringing us along for the ride!! Sue

  4. You are going to have so much fun building your new home...Best of luck and I'm looking forward to following your journey with you!!!

  5. It is SO pretty. *sigh*

    Can't wait to see what the inside looks like, I'm sure it's going to be unreal!


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