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I thought about apologizing that this wasn’t a crafty, cool DIY post, but what I realized is that the reason I enjoy blogging is because I write about things that make me happy.   Usually it’s fun DIY stuff but sometimes it’s my kids and life – hope you still enjoy it!

blog first dress

My daughter  is almost four and it is a little embarrassing to tell you that I still dress her.  To be honest, I ADORE dressing her anyways. To her defense, her shoes and her socks are actually up really high in a cute box on her armoire so I haven’t set her up for a lot of success at dressing herself anyway. 

But EARLY one morning I hear a bunch of ruckus and then a child coming down the stairs.  At 6:45am my little bug opens our door and yells “TA DA!!!” with her arms all stretched out to the sky mind you  Smile  She came in dressed exactly like this complete with her sunglasses and hat.  I’m was a little scared how she managed to get her socks and shoes but I was QUITE IMPRESSED!!!  I guess she is definitely capable and old enough to get herself dressed from now on. (I’ll be sure and move her stuff at a comfortable kid level!)


Hope that made you smile!

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~ Selina (aka CreativeJuicesDecor)


  1. I love that! I am a big believer that we GUIDE kids when they start getting older on how to dress appropriately (by appropriately, I mean, my step-son not wearing shorts 2 sizes too small out to dinner, just wearing them for dress up) but not dictate exactly what to wear. When they are still young, like your daughter, I think they definitely need some assistance. But ultimately, I decided, who cares if they don't match 100%?? Especially when we are going somewhere silly, like the movies or just playing around the house?? So props to her for dressing herself and for you letting her!!

  2. Reply @ Jenna: LOL, I so agree with you on the boy shorts 2 sizes too small! Just a while ago my son did that and it looked exactly like a pair of speedos on him! I was like ohhhhhh! We got to take those off fast! Speedos on a boy, heading out to town is NOT the right look! Thanks for the comment and advise!

  3. What a cutie!!! I love it when kids get excited about their independence!

  4. the girls got style! such a cute photo. after four boys i still haveen't tired of opening my daughters wardrobe in the mornings and getting such a thrill out of dressing her.

  5. So cute :). She did a good job of matching! Thanks for your comment - I would never have thought of just dipping the pieces in mod podge, but you are right - that would have been much faster and easier! And wouldn't have eaten through my supply of scrapbook adhesive :).

  6. That second picture is the cutest picture I have seen today.

  7. So cute, and is that a golden doodle? My parents just got one and it looks similiar, they are so cute!Sue

  8. That is he, our GoldenDoodle! They are so gentle and kind, highly recommend that breed for a family with kids.


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