Thrift Store Treasure #7 Sea Shells and Pawn Shops

On this last trip to my local thrift store I was late and we all know that if you want the GOOD stuff you gotta come first thing when they open.  Not only was I late but it was their sale day (50%off) so I was certain there would be nothing left for me.  I WAS WRONG!

Look what I found!!!  ($7.50)


Not impressed yet??? (OK neither would I be!!!)

Here it is hanging out of the box. 


It was SUCH a clumped mess of knots but luckily I never planned for it to be long, but nice and short so I gave her a haircut and spray painted that ugly wood white.


Is she looking better yet??  Please tell me she is. My husband said something about it looking like it came out of a Chinese Pawn Shop.  WHAAAAA?? 
Here it is in my daughters room.  I actually don’t have a specific place for it just yet – that hook was there from something else the previous owners had BUT I have BIG plans for it in the new house.  It will still go in her room but I’ll have a perfect vignette spot for it – I can’t wait to show you guys!


Do you like it???  It’s classy isn’t it?  (why would my husband laugh at it!!)  I suppose that’s why I have you great blogging friends to validate my crazy purchases, that is unless I AM crazy!!!  I found this on Pinterest and see they have one too!  There you have it - it IS cool.  (not to mention that handmade headboard is devine!)
BUT I’m not done friends!!!  Remember that big ugly 60’s painted canvas I bought that I told you I had no idea what I was going to do with??  Well the left over seashells gave me an idea……..I’ll give you a SNEEK PEAK.  I’m not done with it yet.  Winking smile

015 copy

~ Have a great day! Creative Juices Decor~


  1. wow great job, and a great find. good imagination

  2. Great Find! And nice save...I don't know why men act like they are the only ones that can restore!

  3. I think the hanging seashells look really classy (esp after you spray-painted the top white). I also really love the idea of using the leftover shells on the frame - that looks just gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you paint inside it!!!


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