60's Canvas and Antique Headboards - Thrift Store Treasures #6

I must be getting adventurous.  This thrift store trip was by far my most ambitious yet!  No, not this cute little candle holder that was all tarnished that I spray painted........keep scrolling down and you’ll see what I mean!

Candle Holder $1.00 (I Red heart  spray paint)

thrit store lamps 023thrit store lamps 028

Yep, this is BIG.  But c’mon people.  Buying this size of canvas and frame would cost me a FORTURE and it was only 20 bucks!  I am a painter/artist so I can’t wait to show you guys what I end up doing.  I’m thinking Tuscany, grape fields, stucco homes???  We’ll see, not sure yet.  I really loved using the American Clay on this canvas art , so I might do another clay piece??

thrit store lamps 025

AH!  It’s already so much better!!!  A blank canvas to work with. 

thrit store lamps 026

UPDATE:  I made a fun capiz seashell modern art piece that is now the focal point of my new Tuscan Master Bedroom!

Now this I am really excited about.  I have been searching for a great headboard that had a lot of character.  Today I found him, and he was only $7.50.  I play to make a coat rack, it actually should be quite simple.  Just add hooks!!  I just don’t know if I’ll paint him or leave him wood?  Any suggestions? 

thrit store lamps 024

UPDATE:  I ended up using it as a headboard, just as it is in my daughters room!  It's my favorite piece in her bedroom!

Well there you have it!  I’m pretty excited to see what I am going to do with these!  (ha, so far I don’t really know!) but stay tuned and I’m sure we will all find out. Smile



  1. I'd paint it a color that matched my decor, I'd do a creamy white and a little distressing. That's a great way to reuse a headboard. :) Can't wait to see your results!

  2. I love it and need it for a wall in my condo. I love the curves and the wood looks so nice and elegant.

  3. Gorgeous headboard! I'm not big on painting wood especially when it looks so nice but it depends on where you are going to hang it and how it 'fits' into the decor of that space really. It would look good left as or painted. Good luck deciding, can't wait to see your end result.

  4. It would be funny if the person who painted that picture read your blog. Well, not funny for them....

    And I'm really scared you're going to have to use power tools again with that headboard. Make your husband help you, k?

  5. Hi Saw your post with the shell mirror on Infarrantly Creative. Then cuz my search skills are obviously not up to par today I couldn't find it on your own blog. But I love it!!! You are extremely creative. And now I have another blog to be obsessed about :)



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