Fess Up Friday–Cookie Diet,Bored Kids, and Ferocious Pink

I have so many fess ups in my head it’s ridiculous.  I finally decided that I will take pictures of all my little fess ups to make posts like this more fun.

Fess Up #1. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Diet 

Whenever I decide to start a diet I usually end up making a batch of cookies.  It doesn’t matter that the same day my neighbor brought over a giant batch of garden lettuce.  I still made the cookies and ate half a dozen.  The lettuce??  well I just looked at it throughout the day and thought it would make a great centerpiece. 

blog CCC copy


Here’s what continues though out the “diet” day.  I always take half of a cookie thinking that I’m being “much better” than taking the whole cookie.

After a while I’ll look at the cookie plate and see 14 halves of a cookie, and that’s when I  I realize I haven’t been good at all. I just at 7 cookies.

Pretty soon my entire mind set changes and I decide that it would be much better for me just to eat ALL the cookies that are left so that tomorrow I will have no temptation at all

Makes total sense – right? Open-mouthed smile

Fess Up #2. Bored Kids and Cleaning

Every day during the summer my kids are bored and “have nothing to do”. (please tell me your kids say the same thing!)  On Tuesdays though we have our “family fun cleaning day”. Honest truth, it is the only day my kids from early morning on play with all their toys, read books, and play board games.  I don’t hear a PEEP from them (as in silent, no fighting, NOTHING!)

 I’m thinking of doing a family fun clean day everyday of the week next summer Smile  I bet they wouldn’t ever tell me they were bored, I suppose a few other phrases might come out of their mouth like they wish they were adopted out to another family.  (*sigh*)

                          (My youngest is the only one who seems to enjoy that day!)

Pink is for Manly Husbands and Ferocious Dogs:

I may have gone a little overboard with this one.  I was told by my hubby (who doesn’t read my blog BTW) that I needed to buy a new retractable leash for our dog.  (Our dog’s “ferocious” teeth chewed through the last one)  I hate spending $ on our dog – I mean for Pete's sake, his grooming bill is HIGHER than my cut and color.  (I did just buy my own clippers BTW, I’m sure there will be a few fess ups from that adventure) 

Anyway, I found a leash  for our large male dog for 32.99.  I thought that was steep so I wanted to check out the discount store Ross before I bought it.  Sure enough ROSS CAME THROUGH for me!  Ross had a GREAT retractable leash for a dog up to 110 lbs.!  Only problem, it……was……PINK, as in soft, adorable, fairly tale pink. Smile

(for anyone that knows my husband, well let’s just say, he’s NEVER let me pawn my purse off on him to hold.  Nope, not even for a second)

leash 001

No worries here though – right?  I’m a DIY craft blogger and have tons of spray paint in my garage.  Color means nothing to me anymore.  (I’m very warped that way now, as you can see) 

leash 003

And PROBLEM FIXED!  By the time any of that blue paint might chip off it will be too late to do anything about it AND I saved 25.00!!!! (it was only 7.99)

leash 004

                          Pink?  What pink??  WhaWho!

To all my fellow cookie dieters, summer cleaners, and cheap spray painters, have a great day!!



  1. Rock on with the $25 savings! That does deserve a big WHAWHO! LOL Very cute post!

  2. Bwahahaha! That video fo Kaelah was priceless. I can't find my video camera ANYWHERE.

    When you told me about the leash I was thinking you pulled out ALL of hte retractable leash part and painted that too. I really thought you'd gone over the edge with that one. Just the handle is much more acceptable ;)

    And I so know what you mean on the cookie diet. We are too much alike. I have cookies in my cupboard right now and I'm going to eat one just because you showed me that picture. And because I went to Zumba so I probably need to balance out my life. AND because starting on Monday I won't be able to have any more. Right? RIGHT.

  3. Obviously all the calories fall out when you break the cookie in half! : )

  4. @ Mel

    HA! I like it, I sure hope they do!

  5. You are an absolute hero for only eating 7 cookies and for man-i-fying that leash. WOO HOO!

  6. I followed your link from Kira's Fess Ups, loved the blog, I have the same cookie rationalizing skills. I admire the paint job, I MAY have attempted changing it with a sharpie... Blessings on your week, my "fess up" might get posted by Tuesday ;)because that's how I roll :).

  7. Awesome post. Okay #1: I have the very same cookie problem. I can't eat just 1 or 10. I pretty much have to eat them all. I recently found this recipe for "bean" chocolate chip cookies. You make the batter with chickpeas or white beans instead of butter and flour. There are no eggs so you can just eat the batter if you want. And since they have beans in them, I think they are healthy. Never mind the fact that they also have sugar, chocolate chips and peanut butter. But I feel less guilty eating them. #2: You daughter is so cute in that dusting video. #3 My very manly looking male black lab sometimes sports a pink bandana. Just because I think black and pink look good together...Found your post on Finding the Funny. Have a great weekend.


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