IRON Scrolled Window for Your Home Decor

Most of our house comes “standard”.  I do get to pick out a ton of things like all the colors, finishes, trim work etc... but doing extra fancy custom things isn’t really how the company works that is building our house.  It’s not that I CAN’T add custom things, it just that’s not how they generally build their homes.  (they are a spec home company that has a small custom home division)

Anyway, I have always known from day one that I had to have this feature in my new home.  And it was worth “messing” up the smooth building process to get it there!

iron window idea

I called up a few local ironworkers, got some bids and met with the guy with the best price.  He was SO fun to work with and did the entire custom iron piece for $365.00.  It is huge and heavy!  3’wide by 4 1/2 ‘ tall. 

thrit store lamps 031
Creative IronWorks
thrit store lamps 032

I am really excited.  It will be placed right as you walk into the house on the right hand side and you will be able to see through to the dining room. 

It will go really well with this doorbell and chime set!  It’s the little things that make a difference sometimes. (they weren’t very expensive and they sure beat that white tacky plastic box that is the standard they put in!)

Fun huh!!!! 

Just because I  was so blown away by how SIMPLE and EASY Erin from Lemon Tree Creations made this fabulous wall art I had to add it to this post.

2009 11 24 4463 thumb

All she did was get 4 pieces of board, laid down a cool designed rubber entry mat from Lowes over it and spray painted it all white!  When she took off the mat this is what she got - BRILLIANT!! 

Till Next Time!  ~CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. Gorgeous iron work! You have great taste!

    I LOVE that artwork! Thanks for sharing, going to check it out :)

  2. Stunning! It will look so beautiful in your new home! And I love the idea of using a floor mat to create wall art! Ingenious!

  3. How beautiful! It will look fabulous in your new home. Love the doorbell and chimes too.

  4. Love the iron detail! And that doormat art is amazing!

  5. Well, how cool are YOU?! For reals. I love love love that you had an idea and a vision and that you made it happen by tracking down someone to do it for you. I'm superbly impressed.

    I'd forgotten about that rubber mat trick but I want one... like today.

  6. I love your custom ironwork!!!! It's really great. It looks like it cost a lot more! Stopping by from Thrifty Decor Chick.


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