A Quick Table Fix Up, Curtain Dying and Dollar Store Rings

Here is a look at some of the things I fixed up and brought over to my brothers house.  If you haven’t seen the before and after home tour pictures, be sure and do it!

(After Photo!) 

I spotted this little guy at the thrift store for 10.00.  The top was very scratched up (it wasn’t solid wood) but other than that it seemed like a great find.  I bet you could set books in that area underneath – wouldn’t that be fun!

house 003

The steps were very simple:
1.) Sand down top (I didn’t get it to the bare wood but I did roughen it up quite a bit)
2.) Spray (or hand paint) with a grey primer
3.) Spray (or hand paint) with a few layers of the color of your choice!

This is my sand job – I guess we’ll see if it holds up, I’m sure it will.  For 10 bucks I didn’t want to spend forever sanding and being that it was laminate it also made it harder to sand down.  Just be sure and clean up ALL the dust with a damp rag before you begin your painting.

house 005

Here he is! 

house 008

Not bad for a total of 10 bucks!!!  I think my brother really liked it.

Next up, my funny (kind of) curtain dying project! 

starburst drapes 001

I found these curtains for 3.00 but they were yellow and I wanted them brown so my first thought was maybe I could “tea dye” them.  I soaked them in a tub of tea for days!  I used empty bottles to push the curtains down so they would be fully covered by the tea water bath. 

starburst drapes 004

There was only one container (the BLEACH container) that actually held bleach not water.  (You might be able to tell where this is heading!)  When I realized that the tea just wasn’t doing anything I began to pour out all the “water” containers and realized, as I was pouring, it was bleach!  Panic stricken I ran to the bathtub and tried to rise off any bleach that might have been on it.  Miraculously, it didn’t seem to do too much damage!

starburst drapes 005

Next up – I bought good old brown RIT dye.  I only have a front loader washing machine and I thought I had to do it in a top loader washing machine so I got up enough nerve to ask my in laws (who own a top loader) if I can dye my curtains BROWN in their nice white washing machine.  They are so great – they said yes!  And this was the end result! Phew – it worked! 

nano 045

Next up – the curtain rings!  Since I only paid 3.00 for the pair of curtains I wanted to find super cheap curtain rings.  I thought, why not just use shower rings!  I found a them at the dollar store and bought 2 sets and spray painted them! 

Grammie 001

nano 043

Honestly, I’m not sure if they will hold up (cheap plastic and spray paint usually chip off) but since I was on a STRICT budget I did what I could do!

There you have it!  Some of my fun cheap fix ups on my brothers home!


Linking to YHL - Curtain dying is shown in their new book!


  1. That curtain idea is absolutely amazing! I can't believe you can do that to fabric and I never would have thought to paint shower curtain holders. Very cute!!

  2. Everything looks great! That's a great idea to use shower curtain rings. I've used the spray paint for plastic before..3 yrs ago..and it's still holding up!

  3. Your curtains came out great...I tried to dye carpet one time...and let's just say I wouldn't advise it...;-)

  4. I have used Rustoleum Hammered Brown paint on plastic and it works well and looks great! I like the idea of the curtain rings...would sure be cost effective on drapes that weren't "moved" much! Great tip!

  5. great job on both pieces. love the little stand.

  6. You really do have some creative juices! I'm gonna have to steal your great idea of dying some curtain panels i already have. Thanks!

  7. What a great job you did for your brother. I have to follow you after everything I've just seen you do!

  8. Its quite interesting about knowing it from this curtain dying information.


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