Decor Inspiration #3 - Stir Our Creative Juices - Vintage Bedroom

Seriously you guys, I look at this picture and want to SWOON!  I’m not even sure what it is that I like so much but it’s just so fun!  I do love the mix of old with the new.  It looks so “hip” and “up to date” but you throw in old signs, birdcages, and stacked end tables and look whatcha got!

just cool.....
After searching for the source, I found out that this photo is taken from DomesticBliss.  She has a store, and this photo is just a set up in her store!  All her shop vignettes are amazing!  Go check her out! 

Now look closely at what is behind the hanging light.  See it? Now THAT is awesome and may just be my next project!  It’s an old window pane (looks like glass was taken out, or I bet smashed out!) and they stuck a large LOVERLY poster right behind it.  I’m picturing right now a cute candid picture of my kids. You can send in your photo to Costco to get a large poster for not too much money.  (A 20”x30” is 25.00 at my Costco)

Let’s see, what else do I like……  I love the variety of textures in the space, the varying heights of the accessories.  Can you see how this designer framed in the bed?  Lamp on the left side and high greenery on the right, your eye easily goes from the left side of the room to the right and back around to the left again.  It’s all these little hidden design elements that really make a room.  Sometimes, it’s fun to find a picture you love and then dissect it.  I think you’ll end up learning a lot about your taste and what you really like (or don’t like!)  If you haven’t had a chance to read my 10 decorating tips stop on over, it’s full of fun info.Smile 

I was inspired and made a fun photo collage out of an old frame I bought for 2 bucks at a garage sale! Click the link to see where I ended up putting it and a tutorial how to do it yourself!

Till Next Time!!! 
~ Creative Juices Decor~


  1. I'm in total agreement on this room. I'm loving that giant print behind the window panes.
    :) CAS

  2. Love the picture behind the window pane - you totally should do that with a pic of the kids! Can't wait to see it. Also like the light fixture - looks like some old fashioned kitchen item and brings a nice texture to the light. This room totally says, "SELINA" to me - it looks like you :)

  3. Its a gorgeous room. There are so many interesting things to look at in it.


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