Easy DIY Dining Room Chair Reupholster

There are a few DIY jobs that if someone would have told me how EASY it is, I would have done it a long time ago……this project is one of them.   I hope you get inspired to do your own.

before and after chairs

The rule of thumb with recovering dining/kitchen chairs is purchase 3/4 yard per 2 chairs, so my 6 chairs needed 2 1/4 yards.  I bought remnant fabric for $7.00 yard.

Grammie 004

(I folded my fabric in half then divided it up into 3 sections to cut)

My recommendation since you are doing it yourself is to not buy stripes or a very distinct patterned fabric, it just makes it harder to line up correctly or center the pattern every time.  Of course if you are super ambitious just go for it and be aware how you lay out your fabric and cut it for every chair top. (you may have to buy extra fabric if you do it that way too)

Grammie 003

(very simply designed fabric – no lining up stripes or pattern here!)

All you need to do is have a staple gun and scissors.   Staple guns run from $9.00 - $25.00 for a hand held and I even saw a power (plug in) gun for $25.00! ( I just have a cheap hand held) Refill staples only run you $2.50.  Not very much - huh!

The little trick I learned is to staple one staple on EACH opposite side pulling tight as you do it. 

Grammie 005

It is very important to pull tight all around!  Do a few staples on one side and switch to the opposite side until you complete the chair.  You can trim up the extra fabric, especially around the corners where the nail has to go back through.  This was so cheap and EASY!!!

Grammie 008

I wish I did this a long time ago!  I LOVE it. Oh well, live and learn. 

What do you think?  Motivated to do your own?? This CRAZY monkey loved the new chairs too!

Linking up to YHL - this was project #54 in their new book!

Also check out my NEW HOME tour to see where I put these!

Till Next Time!  



  1. Very pretty--love the fabric. Could you show how you did the corners? I've recovered many a chair, but am never satisfied with how the corners come out.

  2. Those photos of K are funny. She's such a ham. You did awesome on the chairs! I wish I had some fabric covered chairs to recover. All I have are these funky solid wood chairs in my kitchen... what can I do for those besides by cushions that are $20 each?

  3. Reply @ Beverly:

    Lets just say this - the underside of the cushions were NOT pretty! I just pulled and stapled a billion times to get the corners done. Sometimes it only took 5 or 6 staples but the other times I just had to pull and re-pull to get the corners without bunching. I bet someone out there who does this professionally has a tip or two for us!

  4. Wow, this post is such perfect timing! I was going to have my cusioned steam cleaned AGAIN for $8 per chair. This will be so much better and will stay clean longer than 2 seconds. Love it!!


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