Fess Up Friday and Shutterfly Photo Book Giveaway

When my 4 year old daughter came down the stairs with my iPhone in hand exclaiming, “I take pictures mommy!”  I didn’t realize that what she meant is she took nearly 100 photos of herself and the occasional wall shot. 

Even though it took me forever deleting one at a time (I am still figuring out how to do the multiple deleting)  and I told her she is NOT allowed to take pictures on my phone (let alone go take my phone up the stairs to her room)  I had to laugh at the discovered photos I saw.

template 9 photo square collage

I suppose I’m going to have to work on her vanity……or maybe just stop taking 1000 photos of her myself. (Do you see those pouty lip shots!) 

On to my next story.

When you do have a child that lean towards the “girly girl” side of life, I shouldn’t have been surprised when having given her a little bag of very light colored makeup (just my old rejects) she came down early the next morning clinging to her new “make-up” pouch wearing her pretty pink lipstick.  I think she slept with that pouch.  Here are some 7am “pretty shots” of my girly girl.

1 lipstick3 lipstick
(Ah, the days of waking up cute with flawless skin and shiny hair!)

Talking about cute PHOTOS Shutterfly has offered to give one of my readers a free 20 page 8x8 hardcover photo book! (you do pay for shipping and he said it was between $5-8 depending where you are located)

I have used them for creating a quick "brag" book for my mother in law of all her grandchildren.  They have templates that you can just insert your digital photo. (very easy!)  If you are a scrapbooker and want to just insert your digital pages you can do that too. (that's what I plan to do!)

They also make amazing Christmas Photo Cards and Photo Gifts like computer mousepads which I have also made for family members.

All you need to do is leave me a comment with your email so I can contact you if you win!
Bonus Entry (new comment) is if you decide follow me (any of the ways) or if you already do, just let me know.

(Giveway ends Tuesday September 6th)

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Life can be fun, just depends on how you look at it. Smile  
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  1. My four year old does the same thing with my iphone, the camera in my purse, and with my make-up.

    But, now I have started to notice that her pics are much more planned out than I once thought. Little photo journalist in the making!
    Happy Friday!!

  2. Heehee, those pictures were hilarious.

    ENTER ME IN YOUR DRAWING! I was sort of confused by that whole thing and even though I got an email from them saying I could do it too, I accidentally deleted it and cannot find it anywhere! So annoying.

  3. Your daugther is very cute and I must say I am impressed by her pictures. Just wait to they get into that age where you can hardly get a single picture of them. I can barely get my 7 year old to not run away when she sees the camera now.
    I would love to win this photobook and make an album from our trip to Norway this summer.

  4. Also I am a follower of your blog.

  5. Oh my girl is 22 months old and loves bags and shoes. But she's not really into ruffle-y and princess-y things - does that come later? (I'm one of your followers).

  6. Since my daughter is so young, if I gave her a purse with stuff like that in it, you'd better believe it would be on her arms, legs, belly...and probably the couch, too! :) C

  7. Would love to be entered. I love shutterfly and make many thing from them. they are great!
    also, I follow your blog!

  8. I follow your blog...and loved those photos.

  9. My own kids love photobooth...we have 1000's of those same poses.

  10. Hilarious pics of K - she is just adorable! I love the page you made :). I have used Shutterfly a number of times for photobooks and they do a marvelous job. Enter me in the drawing!!! Aims

  11. I just love shutterfly and can always use another photobook - cute pictures of your little angel :)

  12. I am already one of your followers -


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