Rosette Bobby Pens–great gifts and décor ideas!

I have to admit,  I am GIDDY about this project.  I have seen them on blogs before but I never just “took the bull by the horns” and attempted to make one myself until my friend Kira showed me how (in person, yep I’m that special.) I bought fabric remnants at my local thrift store for pennies. (Really, as in .35 – 1.00 for LOTS of fabric) AND you don't even need a sewing maching! 

collage rosettes

THESE ARE SO EASY FRIENDS!  As in even my dollar store glue gun pulled these off beautifully.  (I’m serious, this crafty gal only owns a dollar store glue gun.  One day I plan to “play with the big boys” and get myself a real one.) 

Step ONE:
Cut a piece of fabric anywhere from 12'” – 24” long and 1/2” – 1” wide. (no rules on this)  You can cut just one strand or fool around with the effects 2 strands has on the rosette. (as shown below)

blog rosette

Step TWO:
Tie a KNOT at the very bottom. That will be the center of your flower.

Start loosely (or tightly for a different look) wrapping around and twisting the fabric.  Add hot glue every once in a while to keep the twisting together and continue making the flower.


Step FOUR:
Cut out two circles of felt that will be used on the backside of your flower.  Hot glue one piece to the back.  With the second piece cut a tiny hole in it and thread your bobby pin through.  Next glue that piece over the felt already attached.


Can you believe it?  You’re done!  They took me around 3 minutes a piece to make!  (Can you understand why I am so giddy?)

I don’t know, I just assumed that it was really hard to make.  You can embellish these with feathers, buttons, glitter – anything! 

collage 2 rosettes

You can also use these on lamp shades or other home décor (obviously you won’t need the bobby pin!)  Or put them on hats or a t-shirt to Jazz things up a little bit.

rosette blogred wht rosette

My kids neighbor friend enjoyed being the model for this one.  Did I mention she has gorgeous raven brown hair down to her waist!

These would make great gifts for your artsy friend or for a little girl. 

kaelah rosette

Jackie from EveryPrettyThing (her etsy shop) did a cute rose by cutting chiffon fabric in circles and then buring the edges to form the curl on the petals
Click for tutorial from MintGreenWithEnvy.

How about using the rosettes on FRAMES or PILLOWS?  The creativity just doesn't stop!

Enjoy! Till next time I become Giddy with a project!

~Creative Juices Decor~


  1. Your flowers are fabulous and I love the bobby pin idea. Thank you so much for sharing how simple these are to make. Giddy is Good!
    Wonderful week to you...

  2. I love it! You can tell how excited you are and I love everything you put the rosettes on! Super-cute!

    (Also, on a random note, the watermelon icy can totally be turned into a margarita/grown-up drink pretty easily... we make something like that with triple sec and rum or tequila or vodka and it's YUMMY!)

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  3. They turned out really cute! On a random note, I found out after we made them that day that you can also pre-cut your felt circles and glue the fabric down onto one as you go (start in the middle and then wrap and twist around like you showed, but gluing the fabric to the felt instead of to itself). I haven't tried it that way but it might be good for people who are intimidated by wrangling the fabric and gluing at the same time.

    Glad you did a tutorial and that you found ways to use them :)

  4. Good idea on gluing to the felt, Kira. I made a whole bunch last night (without that little tip) and while I had a blast and they turned out great, I did manage to burn my fingertips pretty good...


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