San Juan Camping Trip - My Summer Vacation

I just love camping, but camping in the San Juan Islands beats it all. 

 I was lucky enough to go there quite a bit growing up because my grandparents have lived there since I was 10.  This year my extended family all met at the San Juan County Park and spent 5 days camping.

Fun quick re-cap of our trip:

My son and his boy cousins, a few feet away from our campsite.  Many times you can catch a pod of Orca Whales just swimming along this view!
1 ryland gabriel austin

The sunsets were BEAUTIFUL!
1 san juan sunsets

I love this picture of my grandpa (Opa) My kids’ Great grandpa!
1 Opa

Buoys on my grandparents waterfront property in Wescott Bay (near Roche Harbor) – I am such a sucker for texture.  If he would let me, I would take these home and put them in my house.  I don’t know where but I’d find a place.  BTW, those are barnacles not bird poop on the top of the buoys.  (at least I think) Smile
1 buoy

My oldest kayaking in the ocean bay. (or at least walking her kayak.....) It's such a fun area to paddle board, kayak or paddle boat!
1 aria kyak

My youngest “playing” with the captured dungeness crab.  (yes, they were alive, I probably should have been watching her hand near the pincher's instead of delighting myself in picture taking!)  Just use some clams as bait, set out your pots and get yourself a bunch of them! (make sure to get a license first!)
1 Kaelah and crabs

Last but not least, my middle child, my only BOY jumping the rocks. (maybe it’s a good thing I only have one boy, they tend to make your heart skip a beat! He did make it to the other side for those who are wondering!)
1 ryland jumping

Thanks for letting me show you our trip!  I love the summer, hope you're having a great one. Smile

If you want to see my other blog post about San Juan Islands, Friday Harbor just click the link!




  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!

  2. Opa is looking GREAT! Glad you had such a good time. I love your pictures of the sunsets and of course R jumping from rock to rock.

  3. LOVE IT! This is awesome :D Ahh...the crabbing ♥♥♥ I miss the islands!

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