First Year Blogging - Favorite Projects

So I guess I’ve been at this exactly ONE year!
Here’s what I have realized……
Blogging isn’t easy! 

I love being motivated to do fun home decor projects knowing I actually have an “audience” to show them to!   Although I just looked at how many subscribers I have to my blog and seeing the # close to 1000 did make me feel very self conscious!  I have to FOCUS, BE DEDICATED and only post AMAZING things  to justify that  number!  (or maybe just continue to have fun and do whatever, phew that sounds a lot better!!)

Overall though, my favorite part of blogging is I get to show you my new home projects…’s like buying a new outfit and having someone who actually cares, to comment on how it looks!  Thanks for hanging out with me.

So for a quick rundown………

Here are my favorite projects this past year and TRUTH BE TOLD, if it wasn’t for this blog, I’m 99% sure they wouldn’t be here……. (ok, except I would still have done my brother’s home)

Click on picture if you would like to see the post.

Old World Clock

link up clock DIY Old World Tuscan Tutorial

Capiz Shell Wall Art

blog mirror DIY out of seashells

Turn an OLD map into canvas wall art!

Old Map Applied to Canvas as an Art Piece

My Brother's Home (before and after pictures included)

blog my brothers makeover before and after home decor

Here’s to another year! Thanks for coming along!  ~CreativeJuicesDecor~

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  1. Congrats on your year anniversary! Time flies when your having fun!


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