Do It Yourself–Gorgeous Poster Art Work

As promised, here is the post dedicated just to the artwork from the room below:

Jimerson After_edited

It cost Kaylene around $140.00 but it made such a statement and was over 5’ long!

Here is how she did it.

1. Figure out how large you want the piece to be

2. Go search on or a similar poster site for extra large pics - of whatever you want (this is where most the cost comes in)

3. Once you have the large piece, tape it to a flat surface, like the kitchen floor. The piece will be a mosaic, so you have to consider, when trimming down, that whatever is under the frame surround will be slightly altered when moved to the next frame - faces: HARD, landscape, EASY, anything with lots of movement: REALLY EASY.

4. Purchase a series of frames (dollar store, Ikea, Walmart) that represent your style and arrange only the outside frame part on the picture. (take them entirely apart)

5. Once the pattern you want is on the large poster, carefully place a "tick" mark on the corners of each frame. Remove frames and draw lines and cut.

6. Organize the picture in the frames and put together the frames with glass, etc.

7. Hot glue together (or, whatever adhesive works for the product of frame chosen) and allow to dry. Test the strength of the piece by holding it on one end. If the adhesive does not work, try something else

8. Install using guidelines for hanging large art.


There you have it!  Thank you Kaylene for showing us this! If you want to see the FULL before and after post on how she turned this room from blah to wow just click the link.

Now friends, let your imagination run wild. Do you think you’ll do something like this in your house?  I know I want to!

A Quick Thank You and House Progress

I’m so excited!!!! Thank you SO much for those that voted for me on the American Clay FB page (or even had the thought of voting for me) because I WON!!! 

I really appreciate it and I promise to do something really cool with the clay so I can inspire some new home décor ideas for you.

Talking about HOME…… they put in the windows!  (insert the hallelujah chorus Smile)



The pole barn also started but I’m not as excited about that, it’s like a glorified garage and I really will have nothing to do with it other then, well, really I don’t think I’ll have anything to do with the pole barn??? 


As you saw with the windows, we chose a dark brown exterior.  Usually you will see a white or an off white exterior but since we wanted to do a light paint on the body of the house, and dark trim, it made sense to do the frame and grid dark too (so you don’t have white window, dark trim, and light again)  It’s all these little things that can drive you bonkers when picking out a home from the ground up!  Just so you can see what I am talking about here is a picture of the difference, really, it’s just personal preference, but definitely something to think about if you are building!

OK so that’s it!  Really I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

~ CreativeJuicesDecor~ aka Selina :-)

Make your own Topiary Balls the DIY way!

logo soft

I found these strange iron balls at a thrift store for $1.00 a piece.  When I took them up to the registrar I asked what they were and she said they were some sort of sweater loom so I am guessing you could probably buy them at a quilt shop or something.

green balls 001

After I looked at them for a while (wondering what I could do with them!) I thought turning them into topiary balls might look really cool.  I bought a pack of those punch balloons at the dollar store and some moss at Michael’s craft store for $9.00 (used 40% off coupon) and went home and started to work.


First put the balloon IN the iron and blow them up almost to full capacity (leave a little room for moss).  Tape down the ends that stick out.

green balls 002
Next tear up some newspaper and make a solution of 70% glue 20% water and 10% flour.  (this does not have to be exact!)  Dip in the strips of newspaper and layer them on the balloon. 

green balls 003
Let them dry COMPLETELY. This should feel hard when it dries, if it doesn’t, re-apply more of the solution.

Next you just cut up the moss and hot glue them onto the ball.

Easy as that!

Total Cost for 2 balls = $12.00   The flower pot urn was $2.00 at a thrift store!!!

Unfortunately, we’re into the rainy season so I can’t leave the pots outside but they look good inside too.

I hope I was able to get your “Creative Juices” flowing! 


Kaylene Campbell Returns–Before and After Pictures

Remember the crazy painting post I did of my friends work?  Well now we get to check out her amazing skills at turning a blah room into something great.

OK, we’ve all had this room one time in our lives…..the room where we just move in or we are newly married and don't have money for anything.  It usually stays that way for a while because we think, “shoot, what would we do with it anyway”?



This particular couple was away celebrating their 10-year anniversary in Hawaii. The husband surprised his wife by hiring Kaylene (while they were away) and getting to come home to this room!

How about coming home to a room looking like THIS!

Jimerson After_edited

She made a simple headboard, put some art together, hung glass candle balls,added hand sewn fabric pillows and used the same fabric to make the ottoman at the end of the bed!  Yep, my friend just whipped up that ottoman herself.


Here is an up-close of the art, in a post or two, I’ll give you details on how to do this canvas art yourself.  (it’s just this post is really getting LONG!)


This next picture is a beach house she did where the client wanted her to keep the 20+ year sofa, so she just re-arranged the furniture and warmed up the space with accessories and paint, etc.


Upstairs 02 After

This next house all she did was totally reworked their OWN furnishings and accessories that she collected from around their house.  She then added paint, curtains and pillows.


Wallace front room before

Wallace after

Do you guys see what I mean by CRAZY TALENTED????

I hope you enjoyed looking at all her amazing work!  I hope she keeps sending me pictures so I can keep showing you guys her stuff…..I always get so inspired seeing what you can do, even when you hardly have any money to spend.

Check out her website RoomReCreations, if you are in the Portland area you can hire her for your home!

American Clay- Want to help me out?

A few years ago, on one of my favorite fun adventures, I flew with a friend to Albuquerque, New Mexico to pursue a product called American Clay.  I instantly fell in love and had them train me how to apply the natural clay product on walls.  This clay will be on the entire main level of my own home.

Isn't it just so natural and pretty! 

Anyway, on the American Clay Facebook page they said whomever’s entry (or posting) gets the most “likes” will win a $250.00 credit towards clay products! 

That would make my day if I won that because, well, I’m building a house and I’d just put it towards making an entry or bathroom look spectacular.  (And then I’d get to show you guys) Winking smile

Will  you go over there for me and hit the “LIKE” button on my entry?  It will be under CreativeJuicesDecor.

I think I’ll enter this project:

Ya, I suppose the amazing stain glass from Europe and the old world vanity helps make the bathroom breathtaking……. (if only I was a millionaire!)

The contest ends October 25th.  Right now I see about 6 projects entered with about 4 likes a piece – I KNOW, (please tell me I know) with all my wonderful readers I could get more than 4 likes – Right?

Thanks you guys! Wouldn’t it be so fun to win it – and it would be because of you guys and this blog. (For some reason that really makes me happy) Smile  American Clay Facebook Page – look for the project above and just click that you “like” it!  (You may have to scroll down the page a little.)

I'll keep you guy updated!!! Yey!

House Construction is Coming Along!

I just thought I’d update everyone how the house progress is going.  We just got all the roof trusses on and have begun putting the sheeting over everything. 

It’s so fun seeing it go from paper to actuality.  A few things have surprised me in a GREAT way, (like the entry roofing structure) and a few things have surprised me well……like….. oh wow…… we really made the pantry THAT small?? 

It’s all good though, I can’t WAIT for the next stage of construction.

house kids

Two older kids at the entry…….the wood posts will be rocked eventually.

greenbluff 016
My youngest standing in her bonus room upstairs over the garage!

house K
On the stairs – she’s such a character, just look at that face!

greenbluff 022 copy copy
View out the front "door" (with hubby on the phone)

The pictures will just get more exciting – can’t wait to show you Smile

What’s Hard About Building A House?

Hey Friends!!

For anyone who has built a house, you know that making all the interior choices can be incredibly intimidating and this is coming from a gal who has a degree in interior design!!

I suppose if I didn't have a budget it might be easier, but's the RARE case to not have a budget!

The mindset I have acquired is: how can I do this correctly and stay within budget?  

I want classic choices that will last forever and for me, I want to be careful not to just follow a fun trend that is going on!

For instance, do I love the painted white/cream cabinet trend right now? SURE!  But I worry a bit that it might not LAST and I really want to do something timeless. 

So, when I think of “timeless” I think of a rustic, old world style with nothing new or shiny looking.  I don’t mind adding a few more eclectic, transitional splashes but overall, I’m looking for a very classic design.  I guess I would call it “Old World European with a twist of "let's get real”! (Mostly because I can't afford TRUE European style throughout!)

Want to know what has been the hardest choice so far???


My last house I designed, I choose concrete counter tops…….it was very cool but I LOVE the look of natural stone (granite). It can have so much texture and interest.

I finally found a granite that felt right……(of course, it was slightly over my budget, but some things might just be worth the little extra)

It’s a HONED granite, a granite that doesn't have that super polished and shiny look!  It has a matte satin finish.  I guess in Europe, they haven’t used that high polished granite for ages, this is what they use now.

EDIT: You can read up on my post about Honed Granite that is completed in my kitchen (I LOVE IT!!)

My wood floor is a med/dark brown that is refurbished old wood with lots of pivots, knots and a hand scraped top. The name of what I bought was Shangri-La 32082 06 Antique Elm Chestnut.

That was an easy pick.

The cabinets?  I think I’ll go with a dark Ginger (or Brazilian) finish (still thinking about this) and pick up the knot color of the wood.  I think contrast is the way to go on home interiors.

Edit: I ended up going with Brazilian Finish on Knotty Alder Huntwood Cabinets!

So far I think I’m figuring things out……a little stressful but still fun.  I can’t wait to see the choices actually materialize IN my home!

EDIT!  Here is my home COMPLETED!  You can see the full house tour here :-)  

Kitchen - see one of my most popular posts "How to Decorate the Top of Your Cabinets"

Also if you have ever wondered what the TOP design secrets are to make your home look like a magazine you will love this post!

If you just started the building or remodeling process ENJOY it and have some fun! (and follow along to get more tips and tricks! :-)  If you are local, give me a call and we will work together on making your dream home a reality!

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The Cone of Shame–Fess Up Friday

I know I shouldn’t be laughing but……I am……as in cracking up uncontrollably every time I see him.  Oh poor dog.  He got my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and just won’t stop licking a spot.  (I am NOT going to admit it might have been from me attempting to shave him myself.) 

duke and cone of shame

Just look into that adorable puppy dog eye!
duke and puppy dog eye

His owie is getting MUCH better with his “cone of shame” on.  Will I still attempt to save money by continuing to groom him myself?  Ya……as long as I don’t knick him every time.  *sigh*

blog duke

I just re-read my post – for those wondering, my OCD disorder is not licking any part of my body (Phew, just needed to clarify that!) My obsessiveness is more like having to write a blog post the minute I take a picture of something!  Like right now…..I guess it’s a good problem to have……sometimes  Smile

Linking up to Kelly's Break Room

Till Next Time!!!  Have Fun! ~ CreativeJuicesDecor~

NuNatruals Stevia Giveaway and Soda Pop Replacement

Has anyone else noticed it is SO much easier to give up an unhealthy food or drink when you find a healthy replacement?

Two years ago I gave up drinking pop (or soda or whatever else you want to call that bubbly drink with lots of bad stuff in it!)

I still missed the refreshing light taste though and wished I could find a healthy alternative (that didn’t break the bank!)

When Ron from NuNaturals Stevia company (the brand I already use and love!) sent me a bunch of samples to try I found that stevia comes in many delicious liquid forms.  NuNaturals has a great VANILLA stevia but there are some other stevia companies that sell natural stevia flavors like Orange, Lemon lime and Root beer!  I quickly realized I can make my own healthy pop by just adding a drop or two of the stevia flavors with some all natural sparkling water!  I make this ALL the time.  (I buy bulk Talking Rain at Costco, this treat is fairly inexpensive, completely healthy and no calories!)

Liquid Vanilla Stevia
My very favorite “soda” is either a Vanilla Crème or Root Beer float.  I add a few drops of those flavors and a splash of cream.  I promise, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Finding that replacement has helped me stay “soda pop” free for over 2 years! 

Ron also sent me a sample of NuNaturals Cocoa Bean Extract.  It was a huge hit at my house!  One of the things you can make using it is healthy hot chocolate or chocolate milk.  The cocoa extract is higher in levels of total phenolics and flavinoids than green tea, black tea and red wine. So now I get all the benefits of chocolate without the high fat and sugar of chocolate candy.    You guys should read about this product and the reviews people give it - very cool stuff.

It is now my 4 year old daughters FAVORITE treat.  She asks for her special Chocolate Milk every day and I feel no guilt giving it to her – in fact, it’s SUPER healthy!  (In case you were wondering, yes, it is gluten free too!)
Ron so kindly offered FOUR of my readers another giveaway. I figured if it means my readers could get FREE things sent directly their doorstep COUNT ME IN. ( blog reader love, thanks you guys)

What you will win: one (1) box of our NuStevia Packets, 50 ct. Box, AND one (1) bottle of NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid, 2 oz. bottle

Here is how to win:
(Continental U.S. residents only)

1. Please leave a comment below and your email so I can reach you!

2. You don't need to be a follower or subscriber to enter the contest but while you are here  take a look around and if you like what you see and decide to become one, (or are one) please leave a separate comment letting me know as this will give you your second entry.

Good luck my friends! ENDS Friday October 14 (ENDED!)

Just so you know, continental U.S. readers can receive " FREE SAMPLES " of the NuStevia Packets by sending a SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED, # 10 envelope to us at the following location :

NuNaturals , Inc.
2220 West 2nd. Ave. # 1
Eugene, OR 97402
iherb copy

My Talented Friends – Painting Ideas - Harlequin and Stripes

I am lucky enough to have a few friends that are CRAZY TALENTED  interior designers, as in just plain RAW, natural talent.  Today I get to showcase my friend Kaylene Campbell from Portland Oregon. 

Some day I know she’ll be working with movie stars but for now, she gets to hang out with us normal people and show us a thing or two.  ;-)

Along with knowing how to turn a room from blah to spectacular (even using clients own furniture and accessories) she can whip up a fun painted room. 

Today, I’ll showcase her crazy painting skills………

Harlequin room:

Harlequin 3

Want to know how she does it??

Click on over to her website RoomReCreations and get the full rundown!

Harlequin before plan

Can you guys see those small little brads put on each point?  It turns this room into a masterpiece. Would you guys ever have thought of doing that?  It’s so beautiful!

harlequin after 01

This next little girls room is TO DIE FOR!  She told me that she will come up and help me with any painting in my new house……(ya, she’s THAT kind of awesome friend) I may just take her up on the offer and have her paint this in my youngest daughter’s room.

The PINK circus room……

Circus 5
Circus 4

Just for fun – here are some of her other painting photos:

Faux Marble Wall:

Marble other

Fun colored stripes – she’s my friend that showed me how to do the PERFECT straight line when you paint stripes or have two colors hitting each other. (no bleeding colors at all)  Click here on a website to get the rundown on how to do that.

Striping 3

In a few weeks I’m going to show you some interior home “before and after” pictures she did where she turns clients homes from pretty much ugly to magazine worthy, mostly working with WHAT THEY ALREADY HAD!

Stay tuned!  ~ CreativeJuicesDecor~
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