American Clay- Want to help me out?

A few years ago, on one of my favorite fun adventures, I flew with a friend to Albuquerque, New Mexico to pursue a product called American Clay.  I instantly fell in love and had them train me how to apply the natural clay product on walls.  This clay will be on the entire main level of my own home.

Isn't it just so natural and pretty! 

Anyway, on the American Clay Facebook page they said whomever’s entry (or posting) gets the most “likes” will win a $250.00 credit towards clay products! 

That would make my day if I won that because, well, I’m building a house and I’d just put it towards making an entry or bathroom look spectacular.  (And then I’d get to show you guys) Winking smile

Will  you go over there for me and hit the “LIKE” button on my entry?  It will be under CreativeJuicesDecor.

I think I’ll enter this project:

Ya, I suppose the amazing stain glass from Europe and the old world vanity helps make the bathroom breathtaking……. (if only I was a millionaire!)

The contest ends October 25th.  Right now I see about 6 projects entered with about 4 likes a piece – I KNOW, (please tell me I know) with all my wonderful readers I could get more than 4 likes – Right?

Thanks you guys! Wouldn’t it be so fun to win it – and it would be because of you guys and this blog. (For some reason that really makes me happy) Smile  American Clay Facebook Page – look for the project above and just click that you “like” it!  (You may have to scroll down the page a little.)

I'll keep you guy updated!!! Yey!


  1. Done! Hope you win! :)

  2. It goes against my better judgement being from Albuquerque and all, but I liked it! Just kidding, by the way! Good luck!

  3. You guys are awesome....I really appreciate it! :-) I LOVED Alburquerque New Mexico! (of course spelling it is another thing)


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