House Construction is Coming Along!

I just thought I’d update everyone how the house progress is going.  We just got all the roof trusses on and have begun putting the sheeting over everything. 

It’s so fun seeing it go from paper to actuality.  A few things have surprised me in a GREAT way, (like the entry roofing structure) and a few things have surprised me well……like….. oh wow…… we really made the pantry THAT small?? 

It’s all good though, I can’t WAIT for the next stage of construction.

house kids

Two older kids at the entry…….the wood posts will be rocked eventually.

greenbluff 016
My youngest standing in her bonus room upstairs over the garage!

house K
On the stairs – she’s such a character, just look at that face!

greenbluff 022 copy copy
View out the front "door" (with hubby on the phone)

The pictures will just get more exciting – can’t wait to show you Smile


  1. It looks fantastic! How fun!! Your oldest girl is so cute and fashionable in those tall brown boots!

  2. How exciting! We used to bring a picnic out and eat in our house when it was being built. It was great going out each day and seeing progress.

  3. Wow! So exciting! I love seeing the pictures of the progress - keep them coming!


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