A Quick Thank You and House Progress

I’m so excited!!!! Thank you SO much for those that voted for me on the American Clay FB page (or even had the thought of voting for me) because I WON!!! 

I really appreciate it and I promise to do something really cool with the clay so I can inspire some new home d├ęcor ideas for you.

Talking about HOME……..today they put in the windows!  (insert the hallelujah chorus Smile)



The pole barn also started but I’m not as excited about that, it’s like a glorified garage and I really will have nothing to do with it other then, well, really I don’t think I’ll have anything to do with the pole barn??? 


As you saw with the windows, we chose a dark brown exterior.  Usually you will see a white or an off white exterior but since we wanted to do a light paint on the body of the house, and dark trim, it made sense to do the frame and grid dark too (so you don’t have white window, dark trim, and light again)  It’s all these little things that can drive you bonkers when picking out a home from the ground up!  Just so you can see what I am talking about here is a picture of the difference, really, it’s just personal preference, but definitely something to think about if you are building!

OK so that’s it!  Really I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

~ CreativeJuicesDecor~ aka Selina :-)


  1. Glad you won, I voted for you! Your house is looking good!

  2. Yeah! You won! I am so happy for you!


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