What’s Hard About Building A House?

For anyone who has built a house you know that making all the interior choices can be incredibly intimidating and this is coming from a gal who has a degree in interior design!!

I suppose if I didn’t have any budget it might be easier but since that is a small percentage of people (that don’t have to worry about money) I think I’m talking to an audience in my same boat. 

living room
I can bet they didn't have a budget! or at least not a budget like mine!
My mind set is, how can I do this correctly and stay within budget?  I want classic choices that will last forever and for me, I want to be careful not to just follow a fun trend that is going on!
For instance, do I love the painted white/cream cabinet trend right now? SURE!  But I’m worried that it might not last and I really want to do something timeless. 

mix wood with paint YES
I love the dark wood beams and stone in this kitchen!

So, when I think of “timeless” I think of a rustic, old world style with nothing new or shiny looking.  I don’t mind adding a few more eclectic, transitional splashes  but overall, I’m looking for a very classic and simple yet elegant design.  I guess I would call it “Old World European with a twist of Transitional Accents”. (Mostly because I can’t afford TRUE European style throughout!)

Want to know what has been the hardest choice so far???


satin granite 006
Can you tell she is tired of looking at house stuff with me? 

My last house I designed, I choose concrete counter tops…….it was very cool but I LOVE the look of natural stone (granite). It can have so much texture and interest.

Acid stained Concrete countertops

Sorry for the lack of a good photo but this was 10 years ago!  My taupe concrete counter tops.
I finally found a granite that felt right……(of course, it was slightly over my budget, but some things might just be worth the little extra)

It’s a HONED granite, a granite that doesn’t have that super polished shiny look!  It has a matte satin finish.  I guess in Europe, they haven’t used that high polished granite for ages, this is what they use now. 

satin granite 010

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE Europe?  When I was 17 I did a symphony music camp in Austria and then backpacked with a girlfriend to some of the other surrounding countries. (looking back, I think we were crazy to be doing that!)

small windows

My wood floor is a med/dark brown that is refurbished old wood with lots of pivots, knots and a hand scrapped top.

house 008

That was an easy pick.

The cabinets?  I think I’ll go with a dark Ginger (or Brazillian) finish (still thinking about this) and pick up the knot color of the wood.  I think contrast is the way to go on home interiors….


So far I think I’m figuring things out……a little stressful but still fun.  I can’t wait to see the choices actually materialize IN my home!

**Anyone else out there had a hard time with finishes on a home they built?  Do you look back and wish you did something different?  What was it?  Any advice? **

Thanks for following along!

~ CreativeJuicesDecor ~

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