Easy Children Silhouette Art

I am really excited to show you guys this next project because it was SO easy and cheap.  It's a great gift idea too!


First off, call up your local big cabinet companies and ask if they have an outlet or reject store.  I called up Huntwood cabinets and just down the street from their facility was their outlet store. (it was called BargainHunt or something like that)  You can also get a door front from Habitat for Humanity recycled store too. (although, it was nice to get a brand new door verses a used one)

changing table sylloette 009

I picked up a few door fronts for $2.00 a piece (they had TONS of cupboards and door fronts!)  I actually got that particular cabinet door for free because my daughter was with me and they guy said, “Have your daughter pick out a few for herself to do a craft on”  OK, will do!

As I was thinking what to do with her cupboard door I thought about drawing in a silhouette of my daughter in the center.  Then the light bulb went off and I thought why DRAW a silhouette when I can just take a real photo and cut it out!  (way better and can be done in a second!) 

blog 2 photos
(I took two pictures and decided once I put them on the door which one I liked best)

Those with Photoshop or an editing program this is super simple – once the photo is taken just hit the cntl and L together and you can adjust the lighting arrows where the object becomes dark.  For those that do not have Photoshop just set your child in front of a sunset or bright light and when you take the picture (without flash!) your child will be outlined like a silhouette. 

changing table sylloette 012

Next I took some pink paint with glaze and wiped it on and then wiped it off so the glaze  just went in the crevices and edges.  Next I took some pink scrapbook paper that matched another project I did in her room, cut it to the size of the middle opening and used a slightly watered down glue mixture to put it in.  I put the glue mixture of the entire top and then set in my photo.  (you can also use Mod Podge, which may be better quality – I’m just cheap)  You can spray it with a clear sealer on top once it is all dry. (spray very lightly from a distance so no large spots of sealer land on your photo)


I wrote on it just to personalize it.  I mean when she is 50 and it’s still hanging in her dining room she’ll want people to know it was HER at age 4 – right? Smile



That’s it!  Screw in a D-ring on the back (or any hook) to hang it up! 

Total cost – UNDER $1.00! 

She wasn’t so happy about how “black” her picture came out (she said “I don’t LIKE that picture!) but now that it’s hanging in her room I think she likes it!  To my Little Princess!


Stay tuned for what I did to turn her changing table into an entertainment unit. They match and look so cute together (you can see a little sneek peak in the close up picture above) - can't wait to show you that too!



  1. I love this! I have to make one of my daughter for her room. :)

    I'd love for you to link up and share: http://tutusandteaparties.blogspot.com/2011/11/pinteresting-linky-party-week-fourteen.html

  2. This is one of your best ideas yet! (Okay, maybe I just like it so much because I have a daughter and her room is pink and green and I can just SEE that hanging in her room!) Thank you so much for the idea! Quick question - did you modge podge over the picture too? Or just the spray sealer? Great job - can't wait to try it.

  3. If I had actually bought the real pod podge I would have put it over the whole picture (and paper) in criss cross strokes. My sealer spray that I used was acting up so it actually left spots on the picture, that was a bummer but overall it still looked good.....hope that helps!

  4. Super cute and easy! Love the paper you chose. I found your blog on Tutus & Tea Parties. Off to Pin :)


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