Final Touches on My Brother’s Home - Kitchen

I couldn’t show you guys earlier what I did on my brother’s kitchen earlier because I didn’t finish it on my trip.  I had to come home and make him a few things to bring back on my next trip.  If you haven’t seen his other before and after pictures head on over there.  Lots of fun - it was all done thrift store shopping for $150 bucks!

Here is the kitchen BEFORE:

nano 006

The kitchen while being worked on (we painted and put up that flower picture that I got for 10 bucks.)

nano 024

I refused to put back those UGLY chairs!  I told him to look on Craigslist for 4 cheap chairs. 
And here are the letters I made for the other wall.

1.) Bought letters from Michaels (2.50 each)

2.) Picked some scrapbook paper to match the décor.
3.) Cut it out
4.) Made a glue and water mixture (1 part water to 4 parts glue)
5.) Applied glue on letters, put on cut paper, applied glue on top, let dry, “chalk” the edges with a scrapbook chalker.
ccc cookies EAT 001
ccc cookies EAT 002
ccc cookies EAT 003

ccc cookies EAT 015

And here is the after picture, nothing spectacular but still fun!

Eat Kitchen 1

The dining room is next…..some day I’ll get to fix that up too! 

My brother wrote me this regarding the kitchen:

“Hey Selina,
I have to admit it seemed a little goofy that people would put a word like eat on their wall.  But, I if it's high fashion these days, I'm sure it will grow on me.  I'll be curious to see what the kids say tomorrow.  Thanks for catapulting me into architectural digest for the 21st century!”
He’s so great….it made me laugh…..

For other that like Food related wording decor Diddle Dumpling did a fantiastic easy tutorial how to transfer PRINTER paper to a piece of wood for decor.  Go check her out!

ALSO check out my post on all different types of letter decor!

simply daisy

Till Next Time!
~ CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. you did a great job with that. I love the letters.

  2. I really love the letters and that sign you're suggesting! I need to create something like that for kitchen as well. I'm your newest follower and a new blogger. Want to pay a visit? ( I would be honoured if you would like to join my site too! Thanks for sharing all those tips and photos!
    Love, Olga

  3. Thanks for visiting and following! You are such a sweetie!
    See you around then.

  4. Love the letters. Can't wait to see more! I have to wonder though - in the picture with the letters on the wall, did he put those chairs back into the kitchen!?

  5. I love your EAT sign. In fact, I created on similar recently:

    My husband thought similar to your brother, but he's over it now. LOL.

    You might recognize me because I copied your painted cabinet pulls this fall...holding up great, I might add.

    Anyway, I thought I had you in my reader but I haven't been seeing you so I'm off to fix that so I can keep up with your new home...looks beautiful!

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