House Construction Update–Electrical,Plumbing and Siding


It’s been a while without a construction update so I’ll just give you the run down on the latest……..

We now have a “shop”.  I  like to call it our barn just because it sounds more fun, but really, it is just a glorified garage. 

iron 006

That part went up FAST!  They are now working on the road back to the shop.  (I never knew how much went into doing a road correctly! I mean isn’t it just dirt???  Guess not, it's SPECIAL dirt!)

siding 012

On the house they started electrical, plumbing and heating/air conditioning.  It is CRAZY all that goes under that nice pretty white drywall!  I can’t imagine having all the knowledge to build an entire house on your own……everything is so complicated and each person has their specialty. 

siding 010
siding 011

All that stuff isn’t very pretty though so that’s why I haven’t posted much on the house!

The unpainted hardy plank siding is coming right along…..I would think in a week the entire house will be sided!
(East side of the house – the garage)
siding 013

I have been debating what paint color to use. I’m going neutral so I don’t think I can go “wrong”…… (well, at least I’m telling myself that - HA!) I have to choose the body of the house, the board and batten and the fascia/trim….. that dark brown would be the trim…..(for those wondering if I was considering painting my entire house blackish brown)  Smile

iron 011

I have had my AHHHHHH moments where I really did do something wrong…..I’ll be sure and write a post on that soon enough…..maybe it will have to be a Fess Up Friday post……it was pretty bad.  Open-mouthed smile

Sneak Peak….. does that look like Techno glass or what?  Believe me when I tell you it looked awful on my “Tuscan” front entry……it all worked out in the end but I did have a sudden panic rush when I saw it installed!

front door 012

OK well that’s it!  I forgot to take pictures of the back patio…..that'll have to be on the next house installment.  We did PAVERS (they look like bricks) and I am SO excited about them!!!!  I may have missed my opportunity to take outdoor pictures as this week it SNOWED!!!  (I'm actually not super excited about kids are though and that seems to be all that matters sometimes!)

I still have my lawn chairs out just hoping for one more nice sunny day!  (Either that or I was just lazy and didn't put them away yet.....that couldn't be the reason) Winking smile

Till Next Time!
~Creative Juices Decor~


  1. Selina, you cracked me up today:) The picture of the lawn chairs in the snow should have a sign that reads:
    "Eternal Optimist"
    My lawn chairs are still out too in Vancouver, and it is freezing cold.
    Love your blog,

  2. Haha! My chase lounge chairs are still out too! No snow yet, but they are there at our old in house in STL. I can't wait to get them down to Texas since I'll be able to enjoy them much longer!

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