Only the CRAZY! Wayfair entry light re-do

I have to admit, I am a little crazy and regarding this post I am SO GLAD my husband doesn’t read my blog!!

I fell completely in love with these Wayfair front entry lights at $149 each (that’s a LOT for me!!!) but they weren’t the exact color I wished they were.  I looked for others and I just didn’t see anything I wanted!  (the fact that they had to be Energy Star rated made it even harder) 

(Mine aren’t that large – they’re slightly smaller)
entry lights

I decided that I would spray paint them to change them to the color I needed.  (it sounds so simple doesn’t it!)  Well it was simple.  A few light swipes of the paint (really, I didn’t have to change it THAT much) and it was PERFECT! 

house 001

house 002

Are you sure you guys want to keep following me??  LOL! No really, I have seen other lights that one (less popular?) finish would be  30-50% off.  If you decided to be crazy like me, you could just paint them the shade you wanted and save yourself a pretty penny!!

I can't wait to show you them on the rock entry when the house is done, only 2 months left (except that I just found out they have to wait till Spring (too cold now) to paint the house AND do the's OK, so not 100% done for 4 months :-)

Till Next Time!! ~ Creative Juices Decor~


  1. they are fabulous. worth every penny!

  2. I love the look of slate & I have to agree with you on the serving plate, it's my favorite also!

  3. Isn't spray paint amazing!! I love how easy it is to use!! And I love the lights too :)


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