Thrift Store Treasure #8 - Nightstands, Lamps and Clocks

It’s actually been quite a while since I have gone to a thrift store but now with the kids in school it looks like I can get back to business!

I had been looking for a nightstand for my sons room because the plastic box next to his bed just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I spotted a great nightstand at the Goodwill but it was $35.00.  I mean for Craigslist that is a good price but the Goodwill I felt it should have been less. (I’m a hard sell!) Oh well, I bought it anyway. (and happy I did!)  One thing I did was take the handles off and gave it an updated look by spraying them Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

goodwill 001

Steps to do that are:

1.) Rub them down with sandpaper

2.) Get all the dust off and spray them with a metal primer.

2.) Spray them with your color of choice. 

Optional: spray a clear top coat over it.

nightstand 001

Doing things like this is exactly like painting finger nails – seriously.  I am so impatient that I like to rush stuff and it always backfires.  Just take your time and follow the directions on how long you should let stuff sit.  (which is usually a lot longer than you WANT to let them sit!)

nightstand 004

My other “secret weapon” for fixing up thrift store finds is this great pen by Minwax.  It can cover any of the scratches and stuff that comes along with used items.

goodwill 002

Doesn’t it have some great lines?

nightstand 002

I also found this great lamp for $1.50 at the thrift store.  I thought it was so boyish so I added that to the top of the new nightstand.  The shade I got at Ross for $3.99.

goodwill 004

This next set was a GREAT deal!!!  I got both of those planters for $2.75 for the pair!  They are the hard fiberglass ones, love it!  I did lightly spray paint them with some ORB just to give them a fresh new look. 

goodwill 003

I just loved the shape of this little 12” clock and for $1.75 I couldn’t go wrong. 

goodwill 006

Thanks for letting me show you what I got!!!  It’s after days like today that I remember just how much I love thrift store shopping!  Can’t wait to do more! Smile.


  1. Looks like you got some great pieces! I'm like Goodwill I want it cheaper! But...that was a deal! You can tell by looking at the quality of the nightstand. Fab finds!!

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  3. I love the nightstand - really good quality! I would have had a really hard time paying that price too, but in reality that was an extremely good price. Esp after you fixed up the handles! It looks great! And of course the wall clock is very cool. Nice to find something unique...


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