House Update– AMERICAN CLAY WALLS and Cabinets

As I’m writing this post I am dead tired and feel as if my arms might fall off.

For the last 12 days I have put in 75+ hours of applying American Clay to my home’s walls.  It…..has……been…..insane

The first day I worked on the house I was excited for about an hour and then I felt like bursting into tears realizing just HOW MUCH I had to get done!  A true labor of love.

clay 031

Two of those days I did have these beautiful ladies show up (one on Sunday and the other Monday) and help – it definitely made the day go by faster. 

clay helper

Don’t let the glamour make you think these two couldn’t work – they were awesome!  I told one of them to come in her “grubbies” and she showed up in her PJ’s telling me they couldn’t think of what she could wear that would be classified as grubbies so she thought PJ’s would be the next best thing…..

I was just glad it was the weekend and not during the week when I’m sure all my rough and tough constructions workers would have enjoyed watching a cute little brown haired girl apply clay in her PJ’s!!!!

I on the other hand knew what true grubbies were and used them to the fullest!  I was a complete MESS everyday. 

clay 015

I did hire a nice drywall friend to help when he could and my husband helped me on the weekend Smile

clay 022

The walls though, (lets get  back to the story!)  look JUST how I had hoped.  I love them……I’m sure I’ll just sit on my sofa and stare at the walls and smile….at least I better after all my HOURS of LABOR!

clay 023

DURING: (each section HAND troweled on the walls)

clay 024

And AFTER!!!!

after clay 002
Great Room Fireplace (mantle is not stained yet)

after clay 009
Master bedroom wall

blog after
Front Entry Half Wall

after clay 006
Arch Off of Kitchen

And for those that can see the dark wood behind that arch – YES, the doors and knotty alder cabinets just got installed!!!!!  So exciting Smile If you missed how I turned my front door into a Tuscan door you'll have to check it out!

after clay 004
Computer Desk and Wine Area (great combo, huh)
after clay 020
Pantry Door

I’ll brake this post down and show all you great DIYers just how I did it so that you can achieve this look in your own home.  I ADORE American Clay and recommend it to anyone who loves beautiful, natural and textured walls! (They are completely “green” no VOC’s etc…..)

Hope you all had a GREAT Christmas! Till the next update!!! 
~ Creative Juices Décor ~


  1. he he fun post and I was honored to be one of your "glamour girls". Love the updated wood that has been added!

  2. Oh Selina, it looks absolutely beautiful! Well worth the effort I'm sure.

  3. Wow! This is so creative and looks fantastic. Great job!

  4. I need to get this ordered...we close 4/22. Can you please tell me what to order. Specific colors/products. It didn't look like the photo backdrop was the same as your new home walls. To me, your new home walls look much much lighter. That is the look I really want. Can you please advise? Thank you! Khrystal Davis

  5. can i get information from you on the colors you used on your walls as well? i LOVE this and want to do it in our home. great job! thanks.

  6. For those that would like to know the clay colors I chose it was a mix of Calcite, Agate and Quartzine American Clay in the Enjarre finish. With the white (Quartzine) I ended up putting over the two other colors with a skip trowel movement after I finished a section. If you want to get a visual of the overall color, it is almost identical to Shaker Beige from Benjamin Moore.


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