House Update–Insulation,Drywall,Siding and Rock

I have to say…….things are getting a little exciting  around here– hee,hee.

My FAVORITE is this right here:

blog house

The ROCK! 

blog rock

And another of my favorite parts went up!

blog beams

The interior rough sawn beams!

misc 026

These guys have been working HARD even in a snow blizzard to stay on schedule and get this house done.

misc 003

I did just realize that we will not be able to paint the house OR do the black top driveway till Spring! (due to freezing temperatures)…….Oh well,  Come March/April it will be completely done, but we’ll still get to move in end of January!

Now that the drywall is in it means it’s time for me to “get my hands dirty” and do the American CLAY WALLS!  Yes, somehow I am doing the entire main level, I do have a helper but my goodness, I have no idea how I am going to get it all done in the week slot the contractor gave me.  I’ll pretty much be doing 8 hour days for a week.  Pretty interesting going from full time mom to full time clay applicator!

If you are curious what the clay looks like see my post American Clay.

Here is a picture of my friends wall I did in a neutral beige like I’ll be doing.


side corner

That’s it friends!!! Till the next house update!  Granite, wood floor, fireplace mantel, ALL the fun stuff coming up next!


  1. Well, keep us posted as we don't want to miss anything!
    Happy renovation!!!
    Love, Olga

  2. I crazy love your entryway - it turned out gorgeous! And the beams - is that where you are doing the clay? Post more pictures soon! So far it looks AMAZING! Love you! Aims

  3. So, how did it go? Your house looks even better than before. What type of insulation did you use? It's a good idea that you've decided to install one. You don't have to worry about the cold draft seeping in this coming winter season.

    Kevin Noel

  4. I will keep updating this post cause I saw something here same on hardiplank houston which I read on the following days which is also an interesting one.

  5. Do you know what that stone is called and where you got it? Love this but would not even know where to begin to find it.

    1. Hi Karri - I bought this at our local masonry dealer - this is what you would ask for :-) Buck County Country Ledgerstone 80% with Bucks Country Distressed Fieldstone 20%


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