T.Michael Studios Christmas Gift Giveaway! Slate Plaques

There are a few things I have run across while building my house that I have fallen in love with.  One of those things was the address plaque I bought from T Michael Studios. Along with address plaques he makes TONS of other stuff!!!!!

ADDRESS STONE Mailbox Plaque / House Marker Home Number Sign Column

Let me tell you – I couldn’t BELIEVE his price for his handcrafted piece of history and art!  Most of the slate he uses has been reclaimed from Historical buildings and barns throughout the heartland. Every piece that leaves his studio has a history of its own. Once he receive it, he sculpt it and mold it into a new form.
I looked long and hard for a unique well made address plaque and didn’t find anything close to this guys quality and price.

Anyway, I liked it so much that I contacted him and said “I'd love to promote you and ummmm.....would you be willing to do a giveaway for my readers to your shop?!”  He said he would!!  Let’s just say it’s a thank you to all my blog readers for helping me win my $250.00 American Clay contest Winking smile

I ADORE the giveaway he is going to do! I know his style falls right in line with most my readers. 

Set of 4x4 Historal dated coasters – Retail is 29.99 (plus shipping)

You can see more pictures here on the T.Michael Studio etsy shop

Reclaimed Slate Coasters/ Hand-stamped Circa 1804 /Vintage / Drink set / Christmas Gift

This slate came from a 1804 Trading Post in Ohio. It was used as roofing shingles and was taken off when the Post was torn down. This Trading Post was used for trade of Goods, Fur, Supplies, & Materials.

( Includes Historical Data Card) for additional historical information and pictures, please go to : www.tmichaelstudio.com/HISTORY1804.html)

You guys, he has SO MANY crazy amazing gifts you could give this holiday.  Just so you know, I’m not getting compensated or paid to say any of this – I just really love his stuff and would love to help him out in his business.  Here is the gift selection from his site, and here are a few pictures.


Slate bread board – I WANT THIS!!

Garden Plaques, bird houses, pet plaques, no soliciting plaques EVERYTHING!

Enough said – right???  Smile 

Check out his site T.Michael Studio and……..

1.) Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing on the site.  (ONE entry) or "Like" his Facebook Page.

2.) And like always, for your second entry, FOLLOW ME! (another entry)  Smile  or if you do already, just let me know and tell me you really like my blog – JUST JOKING!

OK friend, that’s it.  I’ll end this Wednesday the 14th at noon PST so that I can send him the winners address ASAP for shipping out.  Please either leave your email on the comment or be sure it is easy for me to find once clicking your name.  If I can not easily find your email, I will have to choose another winner. Shipping to US only (unless you will pay for international shipping yourself)

For those of you wanting to know his Christmas shipping schdule he sent me this:

Personalized or Custom orders :
Dec. 14 ( Last day to order)  / ( Dec 7 ) CANADA Orders
Orders placed after these dates will not be guaranteed for Holiday delivery.
( NO RUSH FEES accepted. )

REGULAR NON-Personalized Orders ie: SLATE Coasters, Ornaments, Bread
plates. Dec 19th (Last day to order )


  1. My favorites are the coasters, address sign, and the bird house. Nice stuff!

  2. I am a new follower!

  3. I agree...the bread tray is perfect! loribscott@gmail.com

  4. I also follow you! (and like you) loribscott@gmail.com

  5. I think I like the bread board best, too. But it's all nice.

  6. And I am a "member." I receive your blog via my Reader. And I like it, too.

  7. Have his slate address on my house - and the neighbors all wanted one too!

  8. My favorite part of the "T. Michael Studio" FB page is the link to his webpage which is filled with detailed information about his work. Clicking on the "Slate Info" link, then the "History" link, you can see where the magic begins with actual vintage photos of the buildings some of the slate used in his creations came from. How incredible it would be to have a piece of history made into beautiful reclaimed art to decorate a home or give as a gift. Further searching on the site, one can see many items for sale at such reasonable prices. I love creativity and recycling and what better way to do both? Thank you, "Creative Juices for Decor" for bringing this man and his work to our attention.

  9. I am a new follower and can be reached at stoprabies@aol.com.


  10. I really like the bird house...also love the blog

  11. The slate birdhouse on his site is lovely and I agree, the history component of the materials is really unique.

  12. I Love Love Love this marriage of slate and type! Rustic hotplate and "reclaimed slate vintage" coasters are most wonderful :)

  13. I l.o.v.e. Michael's bread/serving tray slate! It would look so perfect on my dining room table or anywhere for that matter. I also happily liked his FB page. e: maria{at}butterfieldphotos.com

  14. I liked your FB page Selina. :) Looking forward to following you there, too. Thanks! e: maria{at}butterfieldphotos.com

  15. I clicked "like" on his facebook page and checked out his website. I love everything there, but my favorite items were the address plaques. Very cool!

  16. The tray is the most unique thing I've seen. Great gift idea!
    Thanks for the giveaway chance!


  17. Those are classic! I love to have like that, perfect combination on my front wall. This is beautiful! I will surely get one! Thanks for sharing!


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  20. Classic coasters are very unique. I love the slate bread board the most.
    - TheBestofChimes.com


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