Thrift Store Treasure #7 Sea Shells and Pawn Shops

On this last trip to my local thrift store I was late and we all know that if you want the GOOD stuff you gotta come first thing when they open.  Not only was I late but it was their sale day (50%off) so I was certain there would be nothing left for me.  I WAS WRONG!

Look what I found!!!  ($7.50)


Not impressed yet??? (OK neither would I be!!!)

Here it is hanging out of the box. 


It was SUCH a clumped mess of knots but luckily I never planned for it to be long, but nice and short so I gave her a haircut and spray painted that ugly wood white.


Is she looking better yet??  Please tell me she is. My husband said something about it looking like it came out of a Chinese Pawn Shop.  WHAAAAA?? 
Here it is in my daughters room.  I actually don’t have a specific place for it just yet – that hook was there from something else the previous owners had BUT I have BIG plans for it in the new house.  It will still go in her room but I’ll have a perfect vignette spot for it – I can’t wait to show you guys!


Do you like it???  It’s classy isn’t it?  (why would my husband laugh at it!!)  I suppose that’s why I have you great blogging friends to validate my crazy purchases, that is unless I AM crazy!!!  I found this on Pinterest and see they have one too!  There you have it - it IS cool.  (not to mention that handmade headboard is devine!)
BUT I’m not done friends!!!  Remember that big ugly 60’s painted canvas I bought that I told you I had no idea what I was going to do with??  Well the left over seashells gave me an idea……..I’ll give you a SNEEK PEAK.  I’m not done with it yet.  Winking smile

015 copy

~ Have a great day! Creative Juices Decor~

Finally–We Got the Green Light. Our New Home.

I’m not even sure I should write this post because this is not the FIRST time I thought we had the green light to build.  Maybe it’s just because I need some excitement in my life so I’m just going to write it and say WE GOT THE GREEN LIGHT!  Supposedly, hopefully, God willing,  we’ll start building in July. (Maybe August or September if we run into obstacles, which we seem to do quite a bit!)   We have wanted to build for 4 years now and have owned the property for 6 years.

Picture of our 1 acre property.  Grandma and Papa’s house is right next door, and guess what,  the children  in the picture came with the price of the property. Kind of an all in one package!  Ya, we got a killer deal!  (-:


For the past few years I have made due by putting my creative energy into crafts and other fun stuff.  We are renting right now and although I wanted to tell the owners that anything I did to the house would increase the value, they didn’t really like the idea of me painting every room in the house!  I did sneak in a beautiful faux wall in the living room and put up an oil rubbed chandelier in the dining room.  I just couldn’t help it – every wall was stark white and the light fixtures were the shiny brass!  H-E-L-P!

light blog

faux wall

I am so excited!!!! And you know what that means for you guys??  LOTS of fun posts full of inspiration and home d├ęcor.  Yey! 

Front of Home:

Front 1

Back of Home:

Back 2


I am so happy to have you guys along for the ride!
               ~Creative Juices Decor~

Just for Laughs - Fess Up

I thought about apologizing that this wasn’t a crafty, cool DIY post, but what I realized is that the reason I enjoy blogging is because I write about things that make me happy.   Usually it’s fun DIY stuff but sometimes it’s my kids and life – hope you still enjoy it!

blog first dress

My daughter  is almost four and it is a little embarrassing to tell you that I still dress her.  To be honest, I ADORE dressing her anyways. To her defense, her shoes and her socks are actually up really high in a cute box on her armoire so I haven’t set her up for a lot of success at dressing herself anyway. 

But EARLY one morning I hear a bunch of ruckus and then a child coming down the stairs.  At 6:45am my little bug opens our door and yells “TA DA!!!” with her arms all stretched out to the sky mind you  Smile  She came in dressed exactly like this complete with her sunglasses and hat.  I’m was a little scared how she managed to get her socks and shoes but I was QUITE IMPRESSED!!!  I guess she is definitely capable and old enough to get herself dressed from now on. (I’ll be sure and move her stuff at a comfortable kid level!)


Hope that made you smile!

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~ Selina (aka CreativeJuicesDecor)

BEFORE and AFTER my Brother’s Home

What a CRAZY weekend!  Just to back up a little, while visiting my family this Christmas, my brother who had JUST moved into a new home gave me $150.00 to “thrift store shop” for his house.  He is single and he really wanted to have a nice homey feel but was not sure how to accomplish that.  I was DELIGHTED to help!  So after collecting accessories and furnishings for a few months, I loaded everything into the back of our truck and took the 5 hour trip to Seattle to do my fun interior design job.  We just got back yesterday.

During the 5 months between visits we emailed MANY Craigslist ideas for a sofa, coffee table and console table.  (that was not part of my $150.00) I made him promise to get the OK from me before he bought anything!  He found some great deals.  We still need a dining table - I suppose my jobs not done QUITE yet!  (I Red heart Craigslist)

Here it is - the HOME tour:  (this was all done in a day, my wonderful mom came and helped till lunch, then I was on my own……yep, I was tired)


blog Entry BEFORE


Clock from Shopko on clearance for 19.99 down from 100.00.  Pictures also from Shopko clearance for 12.00 down from 49.99.

blog Entry After 1

blog Entry AFTER

Kitchen BEFORE:

blog BEFORE kitchen

Kitchen AFTER:

Already had the curtain rod, but the GORGEOUS valance was 2.00 and the candlesticks were 1.00 each. To enhance your home with all natural light, Orlando Group Roofing recommends installing windows.

blog Kitchen window AFTER

One of my favorite changes was spray painting these white and pink flower handles to Oil Rubbed Bronze!  It just turned out so classy looking!

kitchen knobs BEFOREblog Knobs AFTER
blog Knobs AFTER 2

Ross Plate – 2.99.  Matching basket .50¢  My mom and I painted two walls a nice neutral Carmel color. (you can see the color nicely behind the plate compared to the white refrigerator.)

blog Kitchen AFTER

The Living Room BEFORE:

blog Living room BEFORE

Living Room AFTER: (ah, there I am!)

blog ALL in a days work

This was my favorite view…..
blog nano's house

His fireplace was so cool!  A little 70’s but I still like it.  The mirror was 17.50 and bright gold so I painted it Oil Rubbed Bronze and antiqued it with a little golden paint.   (tip #20 by YHL new book!)

blog Fireplace AFTER

I got those shelves for $2.00 each – of course I spray painted the iron from light silver to oil rubbed bronze.  I painted the sunflower picture and the most expensive thing on those shelves was the 3.99 candle my mom bought for him. (Seriously!)

blog AFTER vinyette2

Corner before:

blog courner vinyette BEFORE
Corner After:

Greenery does miracles in a home! I got that Palm Tree for 30.00 at the thrift store.  See my 10 easy decorating tips post for all the rules I followed to do my brothers home.

blog Courner Vinyette AFTER

Console Table Before:

blog sofa table BEFORE

Console Table After:

blog AFTER sofa table

The lamp shades I  bought for 1.00 and they were a dingy white all smudged up.  I simply spray painted them a soft gold – they turned out perfect.  I LOVE that little frame I found for 1.00 too.  Oh! and that great bowl on the right still had the tag on for 14.99 but of course I only paid 1.00.  The greenery under the table…..2.50.  I need to put some pussy willow twigs or curly willow in that vase to the side – just didn’t get around to that yet.

blog AFTER vinyette

All in a Days Work!!! What do you think? Like it?

Once again:

blog Living room BEFORE

blog AFTER living room
blog nano's house

I have a bunch of stories and fix ups that I promise to show you regarding this final outcome. (Come on, you can’t do what I just did for $150 bucks without buying CHEAP while painting, dying, prepping, cleaning up a bunch of stuff!) But you know how much I love turning trash to treasure so STAY TUNED for all the delicious details!!!

                 ~ CreativeJuicesDecor~

60's Canvas and Antique Headboards - Thrift Store Treasures #6

I must be getting adventurous.  This thrift store trip was by far my most ambitious yet!  No, not this cute little candle holder that was all tarnished that I spray painted........keep scrolling down and you’ll see what I mean!

Candle Holder $1.00 (I Red heart  spray paint)

thrit store lamps 023thrit store lamps 028

Yep, this is BIG.  But c’mon people.  Buying this size of canvas and frame would cost me a FORTURE and it was only 20 bucks!  I am a painter/artist so I can’t wait to show you guys what I end up doing.  I’m thinking Tuscany, grape fields, stucco homes???  We’ll see, not sure yet.  I really loved using the American Clay on this canvas art , so I might do another clay piece??

thrit store lamps 025

AH!  It’s already so much better!!!  A blank canvas to work with. 

thrit store lamps 026

UPDATE:  I made a fun capiz seashell modern art piece that is now the focal point of my new Tuscan Master Bedroom!

Now this I am really excited about.  I have been searching for a great headboard that had a lot of character.  Today I found him, and he was only $7.50.  I play to make a coat rack, it actually should be quite simple.  Just add hooks!!  I just don’t know if I’ll paint him or leave him wood?  Any suggestions? 

thrit store lamps 024

UPDATE:  I ended up using it as a headboard, just as it is in my daughters room!  It's my favorite piece in her bedroom!

Well there you have it!  I’m pretty excited to see what I am going to do with these!  (ha, so far I don’t really know!) but stay tuned and I’m sure we will all find out. Smile


No Crust French Apple Pie

This is my “go to” apple pie recipe when I just do not have time (or the desire) to make a full on pie with crust. (Which always seems to take FOR-EV-ER)  This version is delicious and easy to make.  Of course, I always whip out my pampered chef apple-peeler-corer- slicer which makes peeling and slicing (hence the name) very quick and easy.Smile

pie bar blanket 006

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