American Clay–Enjarre Entire Main Level– More Pictures


clay 001 (2)
clay 023

Yes I’m still talking about the clay because when I told you I was done with the it and gave you that nice before and after shot, I really wasn’t done because it is the Clay That Never Ends…. Smile

Want to know why?

1.) I decided to really get creative with the powder room (the guest bathroom)  Not a BRIGHT idea when really all that you should be thinking about is just FINISHING up the job

clay 023 (2)

The end result was so worth it though!  If you want to see my amazing trick for hanging plates - be sure and click over!

2.) My hard working husband who works from home mentioned how much he would love a few of his office walls in the clay (how could I say no, even after 75 hours of hard labor???) 

Not the greatest photo - but it's a soft muted green called Savannah Moss

3.) My cool iron piece I bought had a mighty hard time fitting in the hole they made for it so basically they had to tear apart the wall opening  and push it in and have me make it look spectacular again.  (I won’t mention that while I was trying to make it look spectacular, white primer bled through where I blue taped and I had to meticulously scrape off small white spots on the black iron with an exacto knife.)

after clay 010
To make the clay butt up against the iron correctly took a LONG time!

WOWZERS!!!!  But I can officially say I AM DONE and my blister is no longer a blister but but a beautiful hard callus…..(I know, TMI)

For those that would like to know the clay colors I chose it was a mix of Calcite, Agate and Quartzine American Clay in the Enjarre finish.  With the white (Quartzine) I ended up putting over the two other colors with a skip trowel movement after I finished a section.  If you want to get a visual of the overall color, it is almost identical to Shaker Beige from Benjamin Moore.

UPDATE:  Want to see the FINISHED home?  Just click on HOME TOUR and see the rest!


  1. That looks amazing! You are a very brave and talented soul!

  2. Reply@Reid, Hi, glad you liked the clay! I used Enjarre in the pretinted Agate and Calcite with a little Quartzine (white) on my pallet. I went back over while it was still wet and did some skip troweled quartzine (white) marks to give the one coat system more texture. I wish I did more wood work but I'm not very good with powertools :-)

  3. lilwhitelife1/16/12, 11:06 AM

    Hi I love your blog. I have spent all morning (and a little more) reading almost every one of your posts. You have a great imagination and so much talent. I'm a new a new follower. I have a thing for thrifted lamps too. I think my favorite of your posts is the one about the very large canvas turned capiz shell and mirrored peice you hung over your bed. It was stunning. love your stuff!! And congratulations on your new home. It's beautiful and your AC walls and ceilings turned out beautifully. I know you are tired but isn't it so worth it? Thanks for sharing it with us

  4. Reply @ Lilwhitelife That has to be the nicest thing I've ever read! thanks so much for encouraging me with the blog. :-)


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