Can’t forget the Granite in my Master Bathroom!

I realized after I wrote the post about my honed kitchen granite that I never mentioned that I DID do the regular shiny polished granite in my master bathroom (really, I love BOTH polished and matte finish) 

This granite was a remnant, left over from someone else’s large job that I picked up for a great price.  I matched it to a neutral tile and picked out these little gemstone accent tile (aren’t they BEAU – TI- FUL!) and away I went with the bathroom colors picked out. 

Once again, after holding my breath and wondering if it will all come together, I think it did!  I love natural stone, you can’t go wrong.  Honed matte satin finish or the highly polished granite – it’s all good

Thanks for tagging along with me through my house adventure!



  1. Looks beautiful!
    I am a fan of honed granite for the kitchen too. I do have polished in the bathroom.

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  3. So gorgeous! I love natural stone... We just chose honed marble for our kitchen countertops. I really like how they always stay cold so it's easy to roll out dough on them - and milk will stay cold if you accidentally leave it out on the counter :)


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