Make your own cork board–Thrift Store Style

I’m not sure going to the thrift store with a blog friend (Heather) is very smart?  Everything we saw we glorified it with the penitential of making it SPECTACULAR……but when we stepped back, we realized so much of what we were looking at was just junk and no glorifying or hours of labor was going to make it any prettier (or worth our time for that matter!)

During our “loving everything we saw” stage my friend Heather from Mom4Life found a piece of cork board  (very exciting – right)   and as we thought about what I could do with that cork board I found this odd chalk board.  (even more exciting – hee,hee)  With some quick blog brain power I said, “OH, I can frame the cork in this!” 

cork board 001

All to say, since the price tag for BOTH was .75 ¢ and I had to leave the store with something, life was good. Smile

I simply sprayed some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on it (in the sprinkling rain mind you! I know, not smart!) then used an exacto knife to cut out the cork board.  The cork fit in so snugly that there was no reason to even glue it in.  (seriously, it took me more time to write this ON the blog than do it!)

cork board 002

I took some sand paper once it had dried and “aged” it.  I used those Command Strips to “tape” it on our door.  I was so chicken to use those strips before but I LOVE them!!! (I mean I was more chicken to DRILL a hole through the door!)  I’ll put the kids homework assignments on it – keep the refrigerator looking a little less cluttered! 

This is a shot of it as it IS:

This is a shot of  me trying to be the perfect cute little blogger (which I am not :-) )  I am not super cutesy, I  leave messes everywhere and absolutely hate deep cleaning.

What do you guys think? Isn’t it fun? All it took was a little thinking outside the box…….so glad I had my friend with me to get me excited about an old brown piece of cork Smile

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  1. I love what you did with the cork board. I always seem to fall into the bargain-hunter's trap of thinking junk is useful. But your bulletin board project turned out quite nicely.

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