The Rock Fireplace in all it’s Glory

This post will be short, sweet, and crazy.  Yes, I already spray painted a few rocks on my new rock fireplace and how did it turn out??? 


blog fireplace

You see, there was one rock that had this bright orange spots on it – really it did, the photo doesn’t do it justice!  Instead of freaking out I just grabbed my can of spray paint and fixed her right up Open-mouthed smile

That spot was bright orange……NOT a good look if you ask me.

kitchen 027

All Better!!

kitchen 028

You may wonder if my husband knew about this spray painting party…..well he pretty much walked in on me doing it but thank goodness he trusts me so much.  He just looked at me and continued on with looking over the other areas of the house. 

Now the window covering guy was SHOCKED and thought I was putting graffiti on when he pulled in when he saw me doing the same thing to a few of the rocks on the outside of the house.  I could tell he thought he was dealing with a wacko…..yep, I kind of am!

The finished AFTER photo of the fireplace Smile

christmas or house 043

When you are armed with spray paint and some creativity, nothing is what it seems!  Be inspired.

~ CreativeJuicesDecor~

See my "House Tour" button (or just click on highlight!) on the top right for more pictures!


  1. I am fearless with paint as well. The rock looks great.

  2. WOW! You would never know that you did anything to it - it blends in seamlessly. Great job - the fireplace looks AMAZING!


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