How to install your own Kitchen Hardware (Knobs and Handles) Photos and a Story

First off I need to tell you……

The knobs were a PIECE OF CAKE

The handles…….


So now begins my post Smile

I always knew that I wanted handles and knobs on my cabinets. (They make SUCH a difference!) What is a bummer is those handles do not come standard in new home construction packages!  They make you pay extra which is just silly when you are doing a custom home. 

christmas or house 048

The cabinet guys said they would charge me $1.50 a screw (which I believe that if your handle has two screws, it would be $3.00 to screw in the handle)  I guess I gave him a surprised look and  he went on to tell me that it wasn’t easy and if anyone makes a mistake, it’s a whole new door they have to buy…….

By now, you guys know me pretty well (hee,hee) so I looked at the cabinet guy and said, “Did you see my front door? Well I did that myself so I better be able to screw in knobs!!!”

after front door

He just shrugged and acted a little miffed that I didn't jump on his offer for him to make 150 bucks in an hour. 

So off I went to figure out how I was going to install my own hardware!

First off you can buy templates at your local hardware store.  You buy one for your knobs and one for your handles. 

blog knobs

For the knobs you just place  it in the corner, mark where you want it and copy it for every cupboard.  SO EASY.  You use a 3/16” bit in your drill and drill a hole.  (Be sure and drill straight into the cupboard and not at an angle)  Next you just hand screw in the screw into the knob.

kitchen 030

FINISHED and it went FAST. 

(Ok, I’ll fess up to you guys that for the first few holes I kept drilling IN REVERSE which meant that I was pushing with ALL my might and it was barely going in.  I was thinking SHOOT this is so hard I should have paid the guy!!!  AND I’m saying this because if I can do it (and drill in reverse for the first 3+ holes) you guys can do it too.  (I am not a wonder woman handyman lady!)  I did make one more mistake but I’m not going to put it in writing Smile but I will tell you, you would NEVER know…..not after I performed my voodoo magic on it.

The handles on the other hand were super cool looking but a nightmare to install, even the template was harder to use, it was just hokey and wasn’t easy to get “right on”.

blog knobs 1

First off you have to find the center of your drawer and I'm not the best at measuring.  A few times I asked for help (to hold the measuring tape for me) from my 4 year old.  Not the smartest.  Then you mark (just like with the knob template) where you want the holes and you use the same spot every time. 

I also picked handles that had to be COUNTERSUNK which meant not only did I have to drill my 3/16” drill hole, I also had to drill a 9/32” drill hole just HALF way into the hole too. 

All to say, I would have gladly paid to have the cabinet guy do the handles. Blood, sweat, and tears were not worth it.

kitchen 048

  Well, now that it is all done and looks pretty great maybe it was worth it.  Smile   

christmas or house 047

Moral of this story is

1) If you get simple knobs and handles just install them yourself.

2.) If you get simple knobs but hard complicated handles, just pay your local handyman (or husband!)
to get the handles done!  You'll still save a lot on the knobs and they are so simple.

If you have NOT put hardware in your kitchen I want to encourage you to do it – you will not believe how much better a kitchen can look. (unless you are going sleek and contemporary…..sometimes it is better just left blank)  For me, it’s like decoration detail on a cake, it just looks so much better with it.

Wondering about the cost?

I bought the knob off DiscountHomeFurnishing for $1.00 a piece and the handles for $2.10 a piece. 
The templates were $4.50 each. (so $9.00 total)  Just check out my Pinterest Kitchen Accessory Board for more ideas.

It is a fun way to dress up your kitchen without spending a fortune.  Just be sure and get simple handles if you are doing it yourself!

Till Next Time! 
~ Creative Juices D├ęcor ~


  1. Great story and good information to share.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  2. I had no idea they made those templates! Good info to know for the future. Good job on the hardware, they look so nice!


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