My House is FINISHED!!! The Home Tour Part 1 - Rustic Entry and Dining

Well, the day has finally come that we get to LIVE in our NEW HOME! 

Excited would be an understatement…….

Shall I give you the tour? 

I just wish I could offer you a glass of wine while we “walk” through it.

I’ll do this in two (or 3,4,5) posts  because I took a gazillion pictures and I think there might be a rule about having more than 50 pictures on one post.  Maybe 

House Tour Part 1:

(It’s not decorated yet my friends…..give me some time!!!)

The entry:

(for those that have asked about the Tuscan Door be sure and check out the post)

The entry looking up:

Remember the doorbell chime box I bought?  Totally fits in with the theme.

Stepping back looking at door:

Matching iron work!

The Dining room:

(OK here is a sneak peak of it filled with the furniture!  I'll have another full post on that!)

Looking into the dining from the iron grille window:

Look what I noticed it did at night!!! Can you see the shadow it created?  (it's all the little things that really make me happy!!)

Where the hutch will sit in the dining:

Sneak Peak!!

Alright!!! That is part ONE!  I can’t overload you with pictures, that just wouldn’t be fun   Do you guys like it?  I am so happy all the building process is done, now comes all the moving and unpacking.......uggg...

There is a mantel party coming up so I'm going to show you guys a sneak peak of  the mantle too.....full post to come soon! Linking this up to Thrifty Decor Chick's dining party!

Stay tuned though… up  the final kitchen and living room!
~ CreativeJuicesDecor~


  1. Loving it--esp. the scroll work at the doorway. You did a beautiful job, can't wait to see more! The paint is awesome too!

  2. I love it! we are building another house soon too and i love what you have done with yours! can't wait to see the rest!

  3. You guys are sweet, I am just happy to get some comments, you know it really does make my day:-) Thank you!

  4. Wow! It is so beautiful and unique! Can't wait to see it complete!

  5. Gorgeous Selina! Can't wait to see it in person :)

  6. I'm dying here. My "not so formal" living room has a high peaked ceiling and this is what I would LOVE for it to look like - but my house is 25+ years old and I have popcorn up there (shudder). Not sure how I'll ever get popcorn off an 18' high ceiling. Also, a previous owner of my home had the bright idea to paint all the stained wood trim in my house white - including the beams 18' up there. Sigh....

  7. I love "meeting" someone else who built their own home! The beams are awesome. I'm following you now.


  8. I love it Selina! My favorite is the iron windows...I would love to do that in every room! Sorry it took me so long to respond about the moldings. I left a reply for you. Happy Mother's Day!

    ~ Julie

  9. Beautiful! Any idea where to find that style of front door?

    Julie A

    1. Hi Julie, YES I actually have a tutoiral on that front door :-)

      Here is what I did.....the base door was from Home Depot but read to get all the details.

    2. I guess the link doesn't hyperlink so just highlight it and put it in your browser :-) Hope that helps!


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